By Rusieljs G. Lunasco

CPU President Dr. Teodoro Robles gave the Thanksgiving Greetings.

Students, faculty, and staff gathered for a Thanksgiving Worship Service on Wednesday, November 27, 2019, at the University Church.

In his thanksgiving greetings, CPU President Dr. Teodoro Robles expressed his thanks to the Lord for sustaining the university for the last 114 years. He also said that everyone should unite together in working and doing God’s work at the university.

Rev. Samuel Escobin talked about the life of Zaccheus for the thanksgiving message.

All ministers working in CPU rendered a song number entitled “Thank You Lord (For the Trials That Come My Way)”.

University Church Associate Pastor Rev. Samuel Escobin’s thanksgiving reflection was about the life of Zaccheus and how he found his value in God. “We enjoy the value God has showered unto us, not in the terms of Zaccheus but in our own terms. That is why we come here today to show our gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord our God.” He also said that it is thanking God through service and giving that we become a channel of blessing to others.

Students, faculty and staff giving their Thanksgiving offering.

All ministers working in CPU rendered a special song number during the service.

A thanksgiving prayer was led by University Church Senior Pastor Rev. Cris Amorsolo Sian followed by the benediction by University Church Outreach Pastor Rev. Roger Quimpo.

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