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By Paul Christian M. Alado from the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) CPU Student Chapter,
3rd Place during the Student Campus Organizations’ Evaluation and Exhibit Result for School Year 2018-2019 Essay Writing Competition

Paul Christian M. Alado hails from the Roxas, Capiz.

An organization is synonymous to a family. It is where an individual can develop holistically. Central Philippine University does not only provide quality education, but [is] also a training ground for everyone to learn beyond the four-corners of the classroom… through different student organizations. Every single individual that consists an organization and the organization itself, is an asset in its own special and meaningful way. But what does it really take to be an asset?

Sometimes, we are blinded by the mere definition of an Asset—Assets are… only people or groups valued by society because of their contribution to the attainment of our goals as a nation. We have missed to look [at] the value of an individual beyond his contribution.

It is my humble belief that every person becomes an asset not just only because of what he can give, but greatly because of what he is—a dignified created being of God. A valuable asset is Christ-like, a being created in the image of God.

Today, we are faced by a challenge. CPU Student Organizations: Accountable to self, society, and environment today and beyond. This challenge is [not] simple. It is a challenge that [springs] from the overwhelming love of country and fellowmen. Amidst diversity in various student organizations in CPU, they are all united by one goal: To be an ASSET.

Every individual in CPU student organizations is God’s instrument to create a significant impact for the greater good: that every student organization [is] made possible by God and [that] they will all work as one. This God-centered principle strengthens our identity as true-blooded Centralians—God-centered individuals committed to serve for God’s greatest glory, regardless of our origins, beliefs, norms, and even group or organizations we belong.

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