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By Cyrus A. Natividad

CPU Senior High School Building.

Central Philippine University Senior High School is ready for the virtual education system for Summer 2020 in July. “This is a challenge that every Academic Department head has to meet-with determination and resolve,” Prof. Edgar A. Eriman, CPU Senior High School Principal said. In an interview, Eriman manifested readiness for his department’s use of the Canvas Learning Management System. All other tertiary levels will use the same platform in their learning management systems.

He reminded the more than fifty regular Senior High School teachers “to continuously learn the computer and Internet technology; more so, because of the “things to come” during the new normal. There would be a big change in the way classroom instructions are done. In fact, this will be on virtual classrooms through the Canvas platform.” It is a challenge for the majority of teachers in SHS as this is their first time to engage intensively using an online platform.

Eriman admitted that he still considers the possibility of a “blended modality” of instruction.

There would be a need for limited special convergence of students, where the need is in consideration of their projects, consultation, and presentation.” However, “the final guidelines will come from the Vice President for Academic Affairs,” he added.

“I just initially included in the plan, projects which are normally part of the curriculum and can be done by the student and presented by virtual mode. The students will be required to submit photos or videos of their projects, but that must come with a module. This will be graded outright by the teacher in charge,” Eriman explained.

“Definitely, the system will include all the instruction materials of teachers, grading sheets and reports to be checked by the principal on a periodic basis,” according to Eriman. Asked what measure will be used to monitor activities of the teachers and their classes, he explained that “I myself will be enrolled in the virtual classes, which means that I will be joining in the interactions during the virtual classes.”

Eriman added that “Our teachers are encouraged to include their own methodology in bringing lessons to their students in their virtual classes. The e-book is provided in the platform to make sure that students can keep up with their lessons.”

On his perception of the future educational system, he commented that, “everything can be learned, so certainly we can go on with the system indefinitely.”

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