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By Cyrus A. Natividad

The Facilities, Maintenance and Services Department was at Islas de Gigantes for their Summer Retreat 2022.

The faculty and staff of the College of Education with their Dean Dr. Merly L. Junsay had their Summer Retreat on June 11 and 12, 2022 held at Kenyama Beach Resort. Located in Sitio Guisi Road Nueva Valencia Guimaras, the beach is a relaxing place. The popular activities that people came for are swimming, and island hopping; on site facilities and air conditioned rooms are provided.

One of the faculty said, “It was our chance for bonding and fellowship; also to restore our energy and strengthen ourselves spiritually.” The devotional was one of the group’s activities which according to him creates spiritual growth.

Although most of the departments have chosen to spend their summer retreats on the beach, some have opted to bond and take advantage of the unlimited feast that popular restaurants in Iloilo City have to offer.

Another group – the CPU Research Ethics Committee had its Summer Retreat 2022 bonding activity last June 8, 2022 at the Vikings Luxury Buffet in SM City Southpoint. The so-called ‘Eat All You Can’ package at the Vikings was also availed by the Office the VP for Student Affairs previously for their Summer Retreat.

CPU College of Education group on their Summer Retreat at Kenyama Beach Resort.

Present at the Research Ethics Committee summer bonding were, Chair Dr. Joy Raso, Co-chair Prof. Clarissa Chavez, Secretary Prof. Annalee Cocjin and REC regular members. Also in attendance were Pastor Mary Grace Labis, Atty. Liza Lyn Garcia, Mrs. Elizabeth Balogo, Ms. Rappah Faith Caalem, Dr. Nicolas Guanzon, Mr. Christopher Castano, Dr. Darril Pamocol and Prof. Renia Dela Pena.

For the Facilities Maintenance and Services Department (a.k.a. Shop), the summer retreat was really for a respite from long physical activities that are essential and critically important on the day to day operation of the University.

Members of the Research Ethics Committee enjoy summer bonding at the Vikings Restaurant.

From June 9 to 11, 2022, twenty one members of the Shop went off to enjoy their Summer Retreat at Se san Resort – one of the attractive beach resorts in the legendary Islas de Gigantes offshore of the Municipality of Carles in Northern Iloilo. It was said that there used to be giant coffins that were hanged on the mountainside. It was told time and again that “giants once lived in the island, and to prevent intruders from coming, they hanged giant coffins. Thus, the island is called Islas de Gigantes (Island of the Giants).”

The group enjoyed island hopping, swimming and unlimited videoke. They enjoyed sharing food and experiences, moments of fellowship and prayers.

The summer retreat is a yearly activity that gives the department heads a chance to improve faculty and staff relationship, develop valuable ideas for the group; sustain cooperation and initiatives towards productivity. It is also an opportunity to reflect upon the spiritual side of life, with values and challenges in the workplace.


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