Central Philippine University

By Primi Jun Haresco, BACOMM 4- Centralian Link Intern

Lovelyn Losaria, a graduate of BSCE who initiated a donation drive in providing school supplies for young learners.

Lovelyn Losaria, a dedicated engineering student hailing from Central Philippine University (CPU), has taken a heartwarming initiative to support preschoolers in need. On April 21, the final day of the April 2024 Civil Engineering Licensure Examination, Losaria spearheaded a donation drive aimed at providing essential school supplies for young learners in Cebu.

Losaria rallied her fellow examinees to contribute items such as pencils, sharpeners, and other school necessities. Setting up a collection box at the examination venue, she appealed to the generosity of her peers to aid preschoolers in accessing the tools they need for their education.

Sharing her motivation behind the initiative, Losaria expressed the desire to alleviate the anxiety that often accompanies the post-examination period. In a Facebook post, she recounted leaving the donation box at the examination venue, extending gratitude to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for their support.

Losaria together her fellow examinees donated their school necessities after taking the April 2024 Civil Engineering Licensure Examination in Cebu.

Reflecting on her journey from Cebu, Losaria highlighted the significance of giving back to the community. Despite the challenges of transporting the donated items, she emphasized the importance of supporting local initiatives and expressed appreciation to Cebu Pacific for their assistance.

The impact of Losaria’s efforts extended to three Day Care Centers, where the donated supplies will benefit preschoolers in Lollio. Her selfless act exemplifies the spirit of compassion and community engagement instilled in the Centralian community.

Losaria’s dedication to service and her commitment to making a positive difference serve as an inspiration to her peers and beyond. As one of the 6,680 successful passers in this year’s board exam, she continues to embody the values of excellence and altruism instilled by her alma mater.

In a world often defined by competition and individual achievement, Losaria’s initiative stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the enduring impact of acts of kindness.