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by Mikee N. Norico, BA Comm-4, Centralian Link Intern

Direk Vincent Montaño, an exemplary editing expert, explained the many intricacies of film editing.

In a collaborative effort, the CPU Communication Circle and the English Language Society successfully organized a four-day workshop from January 15 to 16 at Alfonso Uy Building Conference Room (4th floor) and January 25 to 26, 2024 at SHS Building Library Room (3rd floor). The workshop aimed to prepare aspiring filmmakers and competing teams from each college in Central Philippine University for the upcoming Sigrab Film Festival scheduled for March 26, 2024.

Renowned directors from Western Visayas graced the occasion, sharing valuable insights on various filmmaking aspects such as directing, editing, scriptwriting, set design, and more. The goal was to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to craft exceptional entries for the Sigrab Film Festival.

The workshop commenced with a captivating talk on the first day by Nathan Jalbuena Sotto, a multi-awarded film actor, DMC Casting Director, and filmmaker. Sotto delved into the intricacies of acting and filmmaking, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience to participants. His discussion, highlighting the role of filmmakers in capturing societal issues, left a lasting impact.

“As a filmmaker ikaw ang salamin kung ano ang naga katabo sa aton society subong,” Sotto said.

Vincent L. Montaño, a film editor, videographer, screenwriter, film producer, and regional film director, took the stage on the second day. He discussed the post-production process and set design techniques, providing valuable insights into film editing. Montaño’s proficiency in editing left participants dazzled, showcasing the transformative power of shots and sound effects in filmmaking.

On the third day, Vincent L. Montaño, along with Direk Marcelo Tolentino IV a proprietor and creative director, shared their insights into filmmaking, covering various production techniques and encouraging participants to consider innovative and culturally impactful films. The afternoon session challenged participants’ creativity and skills in production and filmmaking.

The final day of the workshop featured Direk Kyle Ferminidoza, a multi-awarded filmmaker and actor. Ferminidoza set the stage, offering insights into the role of a director, the art of filmmaking, and the importance of creating impactful narratives. He also discussed various cinematography techniques, emphasizing the director as the captain of the ship.

“The director is the captain of the ship,” Fermindoza asserted.

The Sigrab Film Festival Workshop concluded with a resounding “CUT!” The CPU Communication Circle expressed their gratitude to the speakers, believing that the four-day discussion on acting, film editing, cinematography, and directing provided aspiring filmmakers with the opportunity to hone their skills and ideas, ultimately creating creative and culturally significant stories. Now, it’s time to witness whose passion will ignite and rise like a phoenix in the entries for the Sigrab Film Festival on March 26, 2024.


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