By Keziah G. Huelar

The highlight of every CEW is always the proclaimed Word of the Lord.

Celebrating Christ as the Cornerstone of Central Philippine University—The University Church, in partnership with the different colleges and departments, highlighted the theme “Relentless” anchored on Isaiah 54:10 and Matthew 28:20 during the First Semester Christ Emphasis Week of the school year 2018-2019.

Starting them young- CPU Kindergarten students listen attentively to their CEW speaker

Held on August 10-17, 2018, the week-long celebration, filled with praise and worship and accompanied by the sharing of God’s Word, is a testimony of CPU’s commitment as a university anchored in faith.

According to Rev. Cris Amorsolo V. Sian, the theme encourages the CPU community to make the pursuit of God a priority. In the era of persistent distractions and temptations, it is important to feel the constant pursuit and faithfulness of God: “God keeps reaching out to us so He can win us to Himself. Our theme encourages the CPU community to make the pursuit of God the topmost priority as God has been relentless in his bid to save us from ourselves.”

 Rev. Sian shares that the theme encourages us to work on our faith with fear and trembling, “We should also be relentless in our pursuit of holiness. It should be the proverbial pearl of the great price of our prayers.”

 Convocation speakers Pastor Russel Ban, Pastor Jasper Martin, Rev. Lennie Ruth Sombilla, Rev. Adiel Caspe, Pastor Franz Hestia Love Joy Quimpo-Leysa, Pastor Keith Dune Gallos, Rev. Dr. Jerson Narciso, Pastor Jamilo Pendo, and Hon. Mark Anthony Polonan all shared the love of God through the empowering message of God’s relentless love.

The CEW is a testimony of God’s relentless love to CPU and the Centralian community’s dedication to make Christ as the center of the university.

Shout unto God a song of praise – the CPU Elementary School students leading the praise and worship.

According to Harissa Junio, BSBAMM4, this year’s CEW is a testimony of the continuing journey of the university: “As a Centralian, I take heart in the fact that CPU has been holding activities like this to share the Word of God. It continually reminds me that beyond my academics, my purpose is really to pursue God and to share his Word to others.”

 A first year college student of CBA, Lyka Derayunan shared, “The CEW experience is unique. You will not probably experience this in others schools. I did not regret enrolling in CPU. I will tell others about this.”

Jam-packed, the Rose Memorial Audituriom is filled with students and faculty during the CEW.

Heart of worship – the CPU Junior High School leads the praise and worship session.

 As the university moves forward to celebrate 113 years of God’s goodness, the Christ Emphasis Week is a reminder of its long tradition of faith. It is also a challenge to the CPU community to never forget our roots—in Christ—and that beyond the goal of producing excellent professionals, the heart of CPU’s existence is to glorify God through the lives of its students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

May we all be relentless in spirit and in truth.


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