Central Philippine University

By Cyrus A. Natividad

CPU Elementary School Building.

Central Philippine University Elementary School is set to open classes for the 1st semester 2020-2021.  According to CPU Elementary School Principal, Prof. Janet P. Jaco, “The final schedule of enrollment is expected to be announced soon. As of this time the elementary department is undertaking a training seminar to prepare our teachers for the opening of classes and a fully online class,” she added.

In an interview with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio, he said that “The Schoology app is one compatible Learning Management System (LMS) that the CPU Elementary School may use for the online instruction.” Asked about the impact of the change in the system of educational instruction, Dr. Rio added that, “We just have to follow what is imposed by the government. There will be no face-to-face instruction in CPU as instructed by the Department of Education for the basic education departments.”

The Schoology LMS has been recommended to the CPU Elementary School because of its capability to provide an inclusive and comprehensive system for its prescribed level of instruction. Connectivity is among the important issues that Schoology is seen to address for CPU Elementary School and the parents with their children at home. Here are some of the salient features of the Schoology platform:

The Schoology is a user-friendly application like Facebook, but it has more tools to provide the teachers, students, and parents. This includes an e-book for all the subjects. There is also an assessment tool where the performance results of the student can be produced outright by the teacher. The platform also provides teachers a convenient communication with students and parents through a chat that is built inside the Schoology platform. There is also a video conference tool that can be used to have a Virtual Classroom.

Meanwhile, it was learned that many parents who inquired for enrollment in the Elementary level this year have expressed a preference to enroll their children in CPU. One of the reasons according to the parents is because of the Schoology platform. The parents said that they felt assured of the preparation of CPU for a fully online class. Their other reasons are the exemplary Christian education that the university offers, and the quality of teachers.

Central Philippine University’s Elementary School is accredited by ACSCU-AAI with a Level 3 Status.