By Rusieljs G. Lunasco

University Church Senior Pastor Rev. Cris Amorsolo Sian, God’s Grace Committee Chairperson Mrs. Angel Robles receive a check from CPUAA Midwestern USA from CPUFOA President Mrs. Flora Guillergan- Cudiamat.

Alumni, faculty and staff, students and the CPU community gathered for the Balik UC Service and God’s Grace Sunday on February 9, 2019, at the University Church. The service is one of the last activities in the schedule of events for the Grand Alumni Homecoming 2020.

During the service, God’s Grace Program Committee Member, Ms. Elma Solas, expressed her thanksgiving to the people who willingly donated to the said program. “We are very thankful for the generous donors of the God’s Grace Program. We are also grateful to our anonymous donors who unselfishly give a large amount to the University Church specifically to this ministry” she said.

Former and present members of the University Church Choir sing The Majesty and Glory of Your Name.

A check from the CPU Alumni Association Midwest Chapter and Northern California Chapter were turned over by the CPUFOAA President, Flora Grace Guillergan Cudiamat and CPUAA Northern California Chapter President, Kathy Kriewall to God’s Grace Committee member, Mrs. Angel Robles, and University Church Senior Pastor, Rev. Cris Amorsolo Sian. The God’s Grace Program of the church helps give free meals and housing to work students.

The God’s Grace Program recipients rendered a special song number which was followed by a testimony from 2nd year Political Science student, Sophia Marie V. Ynion.

Ynion shared her hardships of being a work student and how it molded her to become strong and resilient. “If it weren’t for my experiences I could not have learned patience and hardwork. I would not have gained many friends. I could not have enjoyed the privileges of being a work student and I would not be standing before you today,” she said.

Grand Alumni Homecoming Choir singing the theme song for this year’s homecoming One Song, One Voice, One Spirit.

More than 50 people which were composed of former and present members of the University Church Choir, sung “The Majesty and Glory of Your Name” as the musical anthem. The theme song for this year’s Grand Alumni Homecoming entitled “One Song, One Voice, One Spirit, composed by Sharon Rose Buensuceso – Enabe and arranged by Tim Buensuceso were also sung by the Grand Alumni Homecoming Choir.

In his message, Rev. Cris Amorsolo Sian talked about the special bond of Jesus and the family of Lazarus and relates it to the wonderful relationship and camaraderie of the CPU Community.

The church was packed with students, faculty, staff, alumni and people from the CPU Community.

“CPU, the University Church as its center has been a poured-out perfume, a broken alabaster for 114 years, emitting its fragrance to all who have been part of its existence. CPU has been emitting God’s grace for 114 years,” he said.

The service was followed by an exhibit launch of the church’s history and auxiliary groups which was followed by fellowship snacks at the Student Center.

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