Central Philippine University

By Keziah G. Huelar

Mrs. Ann Catedrilla Seisa, BSN Class 1977 shares her life and testimony during the “Successology of Nurses Abroad” held at the Loreto D. Tupaz Building.

A testimony of faith and excellence – the Central Philippine University College of Nursing held a talk entitled “Successology of Nurses Abroad” at the Audio Visual Room, Loreto D. Tupaz Building on February 12, 2019.

Guest Speaker, Mrs. Ann Catedrilla Seisa, BSN Class 1977, shared her experiences as a Centralian nurse working abroad, a philanthropist and businesswoman.

As a Centralian nurse, Mrs. Seisa encouraged CPU nursing students to pursue their profession with excellence and commitment. “I am committed to do the best. That means when you are a Filipino nurse, when you are a CPU nurse, not only when you compete with the rest of the nurses you have to give not a hundred percent of yourself but a thousand percent.”

Sharing her life and testimony, she gave 3Fs: focus on your goals, follow through and finish strong, which according to her are the key factors of her successes.

Mrs. Seisa highlighted the importance of dedication and hard work coupled with grit in order to achieve one’s dream. According to her, the challenges of life are there to promote and hone us for bigger things. “The challenges prepare you for the next big thing. You have to have the determination and the grit to achieve your dreams. Be open to opportunities, you need to be ready for them.”

She also talked about the importance of being grateful to God and to appreciate the people He placed in one’s life. “Don’t forget to bring the Lord in your life and [your successes]. To be able to [thank Him] and be grateful for the [love and support] of your family and friends.”

It can be recalled that in 2008, Mrs. Seisa and her husband, Mr. Narciso “Loy” Seisa, sponsored the construction of the covered stage located in the center of the Loreto D. Tupaz Building in honor of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ponciano Catedrilla. She and her Batch BSN 1977 donated 2 million pesos for the repainting of the Loreto D. Tupaz Building.

In 1986, the couple founded the Vagthol’s Residential Care Center, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. The center started as a boarding facility for senior citizens. Now, the center serves individuals with Phenylketonuria (PKU).

Mrs. Seisa is also the Chief Executive Officer of Solarex Energy International. She was a volunteer at the Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center and later became a member of its Board of Directors and the chair of its Program Services and Strategic Committee. Currently, Mrs. Seisa serves as managing partner for ASN, LLC and Vagthes, LLC, real estate holding companies.

The CPU College of Nursing takes pride in its alumni here and abroad. As the college gears up for new developments and breakthroughs, it recognized the role of the alumni not only in supporting the endeavors of the college but in coming back and sharing their insights and perspectives to the new breed of CPU nursing students for the glory of God and for the pride of Central.