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By Abigail Rose P. Marin, BA Comm-4, Centralian Link Intern

As cyberbullying continues to present challenges in today’s interconnected world, a dedicated Centralian law practitioner organized a legal aid clinic at Ateneo de Iloilo on January 25, 2024, aimed to provide essential insights and support to Anti-Bullying Law, particularly concerning cyberbullying incidents. The event was under the supervision of Atty. Mark Lozano, Atty. Marlon Balberona, and Atty. Earl Wences Niel.

The event featured engaging workshops where at least 300 senior high school students actively participated in the program. In the discussion forum, students were given the chance to discuss their concerns and seek legal guidance regarding specific instances of cyberbullying and even expressed themselves into art forms, providing personal narratives.

The speakers did not only bring attention to the concerning extent of cyberbullying but also fervently promoted practical steps to address this widespread problem. Their enlightening messages highlighted the essential call for increased awareness, encouraging all individuals to play an active role in cultivating a digital environment that prioritizes safety, empathy, and positive interactions.

The CPU College of Law Legal Aid Clinic is an organization, committed to provide assistance in the community. Their goal is to bring the law closer to the community.


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