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by Mikee N. Norico, BA Comm-4, Centralian Link Intern

Pinning with pride and joy – a moment that every parent dreamed of since day one.

In a celebration filled with inspiration and commitment, the Central Philippine University College of Education held its 1st Pinning and Candle Lighting Ceremony last February 1, 2024, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Rose Auditorium. Themed “For the Future: Centralian Educators Pioneering the Change in Pedagogy at the Frontline,” the event marked a significant milestone for aspiring educators as they embarked on their professional journeys.

The program commenced with opening remarks by Allaina Pearl P. Tabuada, College of Education Governor. Dr. Merle L. Junsay, College of Education Dean, delivered her words of honor, emphasizing the significance of the occasion, and the crucial role future educators play in shaping the landscape of education.

Following Dr. Junsay’s address, professor Ella Lee P. Galve, a faculty member of CPU Senior High School, took the stage to deliver an impactful inspirational talk. She shared her experiences, emphasizing the challenges and rewards of teaching, urging aspiring educators to be well-prepared for the dynamic nature of the classroom.

“I have personally realized that teaching indeed is the toughest of all professions. Regardless of how prepared you are sometimes, you will still get drained at the end of the day,” Galve emphasized.

In her insightful speech, Prof. Galve reflected on the demanding nature of the teaching profession, highlighting the diverse and sometimes unpredictable nature of classroom dynamics. She shared anecdotes from her experiences, underlining the significance of being prepared and adaptable in handling a heterogeneous group of students with varied cultural, familial, and educational backgrounds.

“I’ll tell you that teaching may be tough and draining, but it can also be so fulfilling and satisfying,” Galve said.

She stressed the importance of embracing the realities of teaching, acknowledging that idealized expectations might not always align with the complexities of a real-world classroom. Despite the challenges, she encouraged aspiring educators to approach teaching not just with the mind but also with the heart.

Central Philippine University’s College of Education successfully culminated its first Pinning and Candle Lighting Ceremony, sending its aspiring educators into their professional journeys with a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration, and commitment. This momentous event marked the beginning of a new chapter for the College and its future educators, who are poised to make a significant impact on the educational landscape.


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