Central Philippine University

By Mikee Natinga Norico

CAS Tatap Program empowers deserving students to continue their academic journeys.

The CPU College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) recently held two events to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of its students.

The CAS Tatap Program, held on May 21, 2024, specifically recognized six students with disabilities (PWDs) and working students. The program provided financial grants and recognition to these students who excel in their studies despite facing challenges such as financial constraints and the need for peer support.

Board Member Mark Hendrix G. Lapac, who spearheaded the event, highlighted the program’s success in reaching its target beneficiaries and expressed optimism for its continuation and expansion. The Ministry of Academics plans to gather feedback to improve the program and ensure it meets the grantees’ needs.

“We work hand in hand to process paperwork, promote the program, and garner sponsorships that align with our principles to provide better aid to the grantees,” BM Lapac said.
The following day, on May 22, 2024, CASadyahan was held to celebrate the completion of final exams. This gathering aimed to foster a sense of community within the college and acknowledge the students’ dedication to their studies. Students enjoyed refreshments and games, creating a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere after a stressful exam period.

“The most important thing I can remember is their smile – a sign of gratitude to the student council that solidifies the fact that we were able to implement such programs that can benefit their welfare,” BM Lapac said.

Both CAS Tatap and CASadyahan exemplify CPU’s commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive academic environment for all its students. The CAS Tatap Program provides concrete aid to students facing challenges, while CASadyahan fosters a sense of community and well-being. The Ministry of Academics plans to build on these events’ success to enhance the student experience at CAS.