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By Cyrus A. Natividad

Multitude of students attended the Praise Jam as the culmination of the 1st Sem CEW 2023.

From October 13 to 20, Central Philippine University (CPU) embraced the spirit of faith and reflection as they observed the Christ Emphasis Week (CEW) for the first semester of 2023. With the theme “…Greater Than…,” this weeklong event brought students and faculty members together in a series of daily Convocations held across academic departments, ranging from CPU Kindergarten to the School of Graduate Studies.

The Convocations were held separately at prominent venues within the university, including the Rose Memorial Auditorium, the University Church, the Educational Media Center, and the CE Building. Each gathering was marked by moments of inspiration and spiritual reflection, creating an atmosphere of unity and devotion.

The CEW culminated in a grand celebration on October 20, the last day of the event, with a joyous Praise Jam held at the Big Field at 4:30 PM. This gathering served as a highlight, commemorating the success of the week-long event, and it was brimming with music of praise and thanksgiving.

In essence, the primary goal of CEW is to provide students with an opportunity to deepen their faith and renew their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Reverend Cris Amorsolo V. Sian, the University Church Senior Pastor and CEW Overall Coordinator, delivered a profound message during the event. He emphasized the theme, saying, “God is greater than any mountains and valleys.”

Drawing from his experience as a former adviser of the CPU Mountaineering Society, Rev. Sian explained that just as mountain climbing requires determination and perseverance, life, too, presents challenges in the form of “mountains” and “valleys.” “Mountains” symbolize the uphill battles and struggles individuals face during their life journey. These moments can be filled with pain, uncertainty, and difficult trials. However, they are also opportunities for personal growth and development, much like overcoming a challenging climb.

Rev. Sian also discussed the concept of “valleys,” which represent the lowest points in a person’s life—moments of loneliness, desperation, and desolation. He encouraged students to remember the steadfast connection with God, citing Romans 8:38-39, which assures that nothing can separate believers from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Throughout the week, a diverse lineup of speakers delivered inspiring messages during the CEW Convocations. Among them were Rev. Dr. Nestor D. Bunda, Rev. Franz Hestia Love Joy Quimpo-Leysa, Rev. Dr. Jessie Yu, Pastor Stephani Joy Mayores, Pastor Lannie Joy Gaje, Mrs. Sharlyn Joy Suyo-Velasquez, Rev. Albert Mark A. Java, Pastor Hanniel Pendon, and Rev. Cris Amorsolo V. Sian. Their contributions enriched the event and left a lasting impact on the CPU community.

The Christ Emphasis Week for the First Semester of 2023 at CPU was a significant time of reflection, spiritual growth, and unity, embodying the university’s commitment to nurturing both academic and spiritual development among its students and staff.


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