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By Cyrus A. Natividad

Engr. Cangrejo (Center) with Mr.Dionaldo and Mr.Sentillanosa at the ProPak 2024.

Packaging Professors from CPU Packaging Engineering Department attended ProPak 2024 at the World Trade Center on January 1 to February 2, 2024. Department Head Engr. Bernie Cangrejo was with Mr. Ron Adrian Dionaldo, CPP, and Mr. Danielle Dale Sentillanosa. Mr. Dionaldo served as panel member during the panel discussion on “How to Become a Globally Recognized Certified Packaging Professional.”

Engr. Cangrejo and his team met Packaging Engineering OJT students and alumni at ProPak 2024, the biggest and leading trade exhibit in packaging in the Philippines.

Nerida Kelton, Executive Director, AIP and Vice President of Sustainability & Save Food, World Packaging Organization spoke about Global Perspective around Sustainability.

The CPU College of Engineering Packaging Department sustained its program of providing students with global awareness and training after the pandemic by bringing back the Educational Field Study. Thirty-five (35) students and two faculty advisers from BSPkgE joined this year’s field trip of packaging companies all over Luzon.

Partner companies provided relevant discussions and tour of their facilities; bridging the gap between theories learned in school and practical applications in the industry. In the week-long activity, a total of 10 different companies and institutions were visited. Maynilad Tours & Educational Services, Inc., another partner of BSPkgE provided the students the experience of seeing real-life equivalent of classroom lessons.

The CPU BSPkgE has been the only Packaging Engineering School in Southeast Asia.

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