Central Philippine University

By Mikee Natinga Norico

Central Philippine University is ready to welcome you! Start your summer on the right foot and experience academic excellence. Online and Face to Face enrollment is now open – secure your spot today!

CPU began its online enrollment for the upcoming summer term on June 3, 2024.

Students who are enrolling in the summer term were advised to use their CPU Student Online Services Account found in http://my.cpu.edu.ph.

“Enrollment is conducted both online and face-to-face. We decided to offer online enrollment to avoid long queues, and face-to-face enrollment to ensure that students are enrolled upon payment,” University Admission Officer Ms. Nica Mae Brillantes.

As of writing, 258 are officially enrolled and 1,831 pre-enlisted. For June 2024, the Office of the Registrar has received an estimated 300 inquiries via emails as of this writing.

Summer Classes will officially start on June 17, 2024. The last day of enrollment will be on June 19, 2024. So far, summer classes are open to irregular students, those with required summer courses in their curriculum, and working students seeking to catch up or get ahead. The maximum course load for summer enrollment is 9 units.

The enrollment for the School Year First Semester 2024 – 2025 will be announced soon.

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