By Keziah G. Huelar

Filena “Pani” Peñacerrada was a active member of the Baptist center Church Choir.

The late Filena “Pani” Peñacerrada, an alumna of the Central Philippine University High School Batch 1974, donated $100,000 for the construction Christian Education Building of the University Church this November 2018.

A loyal friend, Centralian, and servant of the Lord throughout the years, Nang Felina Peñacerrada, has been a supporter of the many programs spearheaded by the University Church.

According to Rev. Cris Amorsolo V. Sian, the said donation is of great contribution to the projected construction of the Christian Education Building. “The assistance extended by ‘Nang Felina Peñacerrada is a big help. Our projected budget [for the Christian Education Building] is 14 million pesos. Almost half of that [amount is already guaranteed because of that donation] and that is of great help… in the implementation of the Christian Education Program, not only for the church, but also members of the [CPU] community and [our] students. The building [could] also serve as a venue for fellowships, small group [meetings] without hampering activities inside the church,” Rev. Sian further explains in Hiligaynon.

Filena “Pani” Peñacerrada devoted her life in serving God by helping people.

The Christian Education Building will be erected at the back of the parsonage facing the left side of the University Church. It will be a multi-purpose building which will house the Christian Education Program office as well as function rooms for different activities and programs of the University Church. Rev. Sian clarifies in Hiligaynon and English, “[The building] will be a big help. Although the University Church is quite big, we still do not have enough room… [For example] our Sunday School is conducted in the lobby while preparations for worship service goes on [and that] creates a disturbance. [Or] when there is an activity in the church, small gatherings have no venues. [Also,] when we haves guests, for example, stranded pastors, we can offer our facilities to them. [The building] will be a big boost for the Christian Education Program.”

The Christian Education Program has always been an integral part of the University Church ministries. This program includes the children’s ministry, the youth ministry, the family ministry the community ministry, and, mainly, the student ministry.

The University Church and the Christian Education Program is forever grateful for the donation of ‘Nang Felina Peñacerrada and others who have also contributed greatly to helping expand the CPU ministry. Rev. Sian expressed his gratitude in Hiligaynon and English: “I’m very grateful to those who support the Christian Education Program. ‘Nang Felina Peñacerrada had always been a great supporter when she was alive. Even when she passed away, she left us with a great gift. We feel very blessed that we were included in her last will and testament. The Christian Education Program is flourishing because of the presence of volunteers and families who are involved in the ministry… That is why I am very grateful for people who possess the spirit of volunteerism.”

Rev. Sian believes that the completion of the Christian Education Building will soon become a reality because of the testimony and generosity of people like Nang Felina Peñacerrada: “All of this has been realized because of the generosity of those who believe in our Christian Education Program as well as the construction of the Christian Education Building… I’m very grateful for the full support of the administration for this project [especially that of Dr. Robles and the Board of Trustees]. Because of this support, we may be able to gather enough funds by January so that we can [immediately] start the construction even if [we don’t have the whole budget yet]. It’s a leap of faith on our part, but we have seen in the past that God is able to raise up in our midst generous people who believe that by giving to the program of the Lord, they are investing in spreading the [Gospel of the kingdom of God]. We are building lives here. [We believe], in God’s perfect time, it can be completed.”

For donations and inquiries regarding the construction of the Christian Education Building, please call (033) 329-1917 loc. 1013.

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