By Keziah G. Huelar

Mr. CPU 2018 Jasper Ruby from the College of Medicine and Ms. CPU 2018 Chris Sain Lyn N. Bongars from the Junior High School.

A night of grace, beauty, and wit—Central Philippine University crowns Jasper Ruby from the College of Medicine and Chris Sain Lyn N. Bongars from the Junior High School as Mr. and Miss CPU 2018, respectively, during the pageant night on September 25, 2018 at the Rose Memorial Auditorium. The pre-pageant events, on the other hand, namely the pre-interview and the talent’s night, were held on September 19 and September 21, 2018, respectively.

During the pageant night, Centralians with their cheers, banners, and balloons gathered to witness the final events and the crowning. The competition was broadcasted live on the CPU TV Facebook Page to give Centralians all over the globe the opportunity to witness the event.

Mr. CPU 2018 with Mr. CPU 2017.

Ms. CPU 2017 relinquishes the crown to Ms. CPU 2018

The opening prayer was led by Rev. Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, Director, CPU Office of Communications. It was then followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the CPU Alma Mater Song led by Ms. Crista Huyong, Director, CPU Cultural Affairs Office.

For the welcome remarks, Miss Carmelle Frances Romero, Co-chair, Search for Mr. and Miss CPU 2018 Committee, thanked Centralians and the college and unit faculty and staff for supporting their candidates: “Tonight, we have 15 men and 14 women who will vie for the title of Mr. and Miss CPU 2018. For almost three weeks, we have seen these young men and women mature and grow, but more importantly, we have seen how they have decided to enjoy the moment they have prepared for—tonight’s pageant.”

Ms. Photogenic is Miss Senior High School.

Ms CPU 2018 in her active wear.

Minor Awards Winners- Male Category. 

Minor Awards Winner – Female Category.

Best in Talent  Award goes to Mr. Senior High School. 

Best in Talent – Male Category is Mr. College of Computer Studies.

Best in Talent Awardee is Ms. College of Hospitality Management.

Best in Formal Wear – Male Category is Mr. College of Engineering.

Best in Evening Wear – Female Category is Ms. College of Pharmacy.

Best in Casual Wear – Female Category is Ms. College of Nursing.

Best in Active Wear – Female Category is Ms. Senior High School.

 It was then followed by the production number. Candidates and contestants in their Hawaiian-themed ensemble graced the stage with confidence and elegance as they introduced themselves and their respective colleges and units.

After the production number, the special awards were given:

  • Committee’s Choice – Mr. Education and Miss CARES
  • Best Production Number – Mr. Medicine and Miss CHM
  • Miss Photogenic – Mr. Medicine and Miss SHS
  • Miss Congeniality – Mr. Medicine and Miss CHM

Other awards were also given namely:

  • Best in Talent – Mr. Senior High School and Mr. College of Computer Studies and Ms. College of Hospitality Management
  • Face of the Night – Mr. College of Medicine and Ms. Senior High School
  • Best in Casual Wear – College of Medicine and Ms. College of Nursing
  • Best in Active Wear – Mr. College of Engineering and Ms. Senior High School
  • Best in Formal Wear – Mr. College of Engineering and Ms. College of Pharmacy
  • Best in Interview – College of Hospitality Management and Ms. Junior High School

The semi-finalists for the male category were Mr. SHS, Mr. Medicine, Mr. JHS, Mr. CHM, Mr. Engineering, Mr. CSC, and Mr. Nursing. The semi-finalists were for the female category, on the other hand, were Miss CHM, Miss SHS, Miss JHS, Miss Pharmacy, Miss Medicine, Miss Engineering, and Miss CBM.

After the final walk and final interview, Jasper Ruby from the College of Medicine and Chris Sain Lyn N. Bongars claimed the Mr. and Miss CPU titles, respectively. The Mr. and Miss CPU Republic titles were given to Mr. Engineering, Jason C. Sobrevega, and Miss Engineering, Clarice Anya Nicole D. Zaragga, respectively, while the Mr. and Miss CPU Day titles went to Mr. CHM, Earl John Kevin T. Escopel, and Miss Pharmacy, Marymil Valen N. Jalandoni, respectively.

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