Central Philippine University

By Steven Julian D. Beatingo, BSTM-3

Winners during the 17th Voyager event with the theme, “Embarking Tourism into Cinema.”

CPU College of Hospitality Management Transportation Management Class Showcases Exhibits and Skills during 2024’s 17th Voyager: Embarking Tourism into Cinema; Team Horizon Cruiser takes 1st place.

The CPU College of Hospitality Management recently hosted its 17th Voyager event, a highly anticipated annual affair that showcases the talent and creativity of students. This year’s theme, “Embarking Tourism into Cinema,” challenged participants to explore the fusion of tourism and cinematic experiences, prompting students to devise innovative ways to attract visitors through immersive storytelling.

Under the guidance of Prof. Denie Erwin Tan, students from the Transportation Management Class rose to the occasion, presenting a dazzling array of exhibits that showcased their skills and ingenuity. Eight teams, each representing different transportation sectors, captivated audiences with their booths, dances, and showmanship, transforming the event into a vibrant celebration of creativity.

Among the standout performers was Team Horizon Cruiser of Sea Transportation, whose captivating presentation stole the spotlight and earned them the coveted first place. Team Alab Linya Airlines of Air Transportation secured a respectable 2nd place, while Hilway Lakbay Liners of Land Transportation and Philsky Airlines of Air Transportation shared the honor of third place.

The judges were impressed by the attention to detail exhibited by all the teams, noting the intricate set pieces and interactive displays that allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the world of transportation. From meticulously designed replicas to innovative storytelling techniques, each exhibit showcased the students’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the hospitality and tourism industries.

As the event ended, the legacy of the Voyager event continues to inspire future generations of students to pursue excellence in hospitality and tourism management. With each passing year, the event serves as a reminder of the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and innovate in the pursuit of excellence.