Central Philippine University

By Anne Janet Mandreza, BSTM-2

The 17th Cinematoura Embarking Tourism into Cinema held on May 2, 2024, at the Alumni Promenade Concert Park.

The CPU College of Hospitality Management Voyager 2024 was themed “17th Cinematoura: Embarking Tourism into Cinema.” This year’s Voyager Event 2024 was a successful collaboration among all students enrolled in the subject HPC 2205, also known as “Mice,” under the advisory of Sir Denie Erwin Tan.

The event has made history every year it has been implemented, providing students with valuable insights into managing significant responsibilities, particularly for Tourism Management students. These lessons are especially helpful in our course, teaching us aspects essential for our future careers. On May 2 of this year, at the Alumni Promenade Concert Park, an event took place with the specific goal of merging the realms of tourism and cinema like never before. The event made the audience feel as if they were embarking on a journey intertwining the magic of filmmaking with the allure of global travel. Spearheaded by Denie Erwin C. Tan, the advisor of the Mice subject in the College of Tourism and Management, the event was organized by Anne Janet Z. Mandreza as the overall chair.

These individuals were instrumental in making Voyager Event 2024 a success, broadening our understanding that tourism isn’t just about tourism itself—it can encompass a wide range of experiences.

The event featured captivating segments, interactive games, and enthusiastic participants dedicated to winning and thriving. Moreover, Voyager 2024 provided an avenue for distinguished guests from Central Philippine University and the College of Hospitality Management to support and appreciate the talents and abilities of our students. Despite challenges and unforeseen difficulties faced by the organizers, they found ways to overcome these trials together with their team members.

All students enrolled in HPC 2206 played roles as organizers during the event. The interactive program and segments made the entire activity more meaningful, bringing students from different colleges together to enjoy and engage. Reflecting on the overall success and achievements of the 17th Cinematoura, we celebrate the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and creativity that defined this remarkable event.

Together, we have showcased the limitless possibilities that emerge when passion and purpose converge. The organizers are thrilled to announce the resounding success of the 17th Cinematoura, an extraordinary event meticulously orchestrated by our dedicated organizers. May this event continue to enjoy success in the following years. This isn’t just an event; it is the event of the year and will always be. From the Tourism Management Class under the subject HPC 2206, we look forward to welcoming you all again on our next Voyager flight.