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By El John Flor G. Mejia

CPU students at the Centennial Walkway , a favorite place in the campus to spend leisure time.

After more than two weeks of holiday, Central Philippine University resumed classes last January 6, 2020, allowing the students and the faculty and staff to relax a little, unwind and spend their vacation with their loved ones.

According to Cedie Dunlao, a Senior High School student, she did not spend her school break productively because she watches movies all the time but as a student with big dreams, Cedie will not allow laziness to consume her and stop her from being productive. She also added that she is excited to meet again her “barkada” and share different Christmas vacation experiences.

“The back-to-school feeling never fails me to pervade all over my body knowing that I was not able to spend my school break productively since my eyes were glued to movie-binge watching. But as a student with big dreams, I will not let laziness drown my whole being and stop me from doing the things that will make me productive so I have to jump out of my bed every day even if I don’t really want to and plant the seeds so that someday, I will be able to reap the fruit of my labor. The feeling of excitement comes from finally meeting your barkadas again and exchange endless talks about vacation,” Dunlao said.

Artine Bilbao, also a Senior High School student, added that some students were still hungover because of the holiday and she felt a bit weird that she has to be back doing routines and continue their lessons and discussions. Bilbao also said that because of the incoming midterm examination, both students and teachers are loaded and busy but she continues to stay positive and consider 2020 as a fresh start. For her, she wanted to extend the holidays but realizes that has not the power to do so. Artine said it is great to be back again and see her friends, classmates, and teachers.

“I know most of the students still feel a bit hungover because of the holidays. It’s somewhat a bit weird to be back, doing our usual routines when you’ve been away from school the entire break. As any other school should, we continue with lessons and discussions. Because of the incoming midterms, both students and teachers are loaded with heavy work and have been particularly busy. But, we try to stay positive as it is the new year and a fresh start for us.

In my opinion, I would probably want an extension to our Christmas vacation but obviously, I don’t have power over our school. Nonetheless, it’s great to be back and see my friends, classmates, and teachers again,”  Bilbao said.

In an interview with Mr. Prince Dacles, a Psychology teacher from Social Studies Department, he said that he is excited to be back since it is a new year and excited as well to teach new lessons to his students. But, Mr. Dacles felt sad when he realized that he needs to leave his family in Roxas City to work and be able to move forward since Typhoon Ursula hit Roxas City last December.

“Aside from it is my duty, I feel excited since it’s a new year (yehey!) and excited as well to teach new lessons to students. Pero since nabagyohan kami, ka sad lang kay ibilin ko naman ako family para mag-work but we need to move forward and go-go-go!,”  Mr. Dacles said.

A graduating student from B.S. Psychology, Cherry Mae Carascal said that she feels great knowing that she and her friends are three months away from graduation but before she gets her diploma, Carascal needs to face stressful workloads she missed because she totally enjoyed her vacation.

“It feels great to see your friends again and the fact that we’re 3 months away from graduation. What’s not great is having to face the stressful workloads I missed because of too much holiday enjoyment,” Cherry said.

Central Philippine University resumed classes on January 6, 2020.

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