Central Philippine University

By Karren Jay Asgar

Rev. Rey Padernilla Capada, a Bachelor of Theology graduate of batch 2004.

It is within the failures and triumphs while working together with the hardships of completing a degree that perseverance governs what it is to be a working student.

Indeed, it is challenging to juggle work, life, extracurricular activities, and studies, as it feels like walking on a path full of thorns every day. But for Rev. Rey Padernilla Capada, a Bachelor of Theology graduate of batch 2004, he managed to do it together admirably with his boundless persistence, passion, and confidence.

Like most of us, Pastor Rey also experienced arduous challenges and hurdles in life. At his young age, he had to leave his family in Mindanao to receive a Christian education at Central Philippine University. Aside from this, some of his friends would also call him playful and boisterous in class. Upon entering their room, one’s eyes are immediately drawn to Rey’s energetic vibes and cheerful personality. Despite these circumstances, he never let them become a hindrance to reaching his dreams. He used these inescapable setbacks and avertable distractions as inspiration to continue working hard toward achieving his aspirations.

Amidst difficulties and challenges, Pastor Rey received bountiful opportunities as a working student. He had been studying as a full scholar together with his 10 colleagues from Mindanao. The late Dr. Johnny V. Gumban, Dean of the CPU College of Theology, planned for them to go back to Mindanao for ministry as frontliners of evangelism. Through this initiative, they could embrace the development, promotion, and support of all forms and phases of evangelism in their local community.

During an interview, Pastor Rey shared how the Central Spirit played a vital role in his transformation. Through this, he was able to adapt to the holistic approach that CPU taught him. From his personality down to his spirituality, he is proud to say that it was the Central community that molded the person he is today. The support he received from this institution was interminable, to the point that he was no longer worrying about paying his dormitory expenses.

Pastor Rey is now residing in Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay. He has been working as a Guidance Counsellor at Imelda National High School, Senior Pastor of Imelda Christian Fellowship Church for 18 years, and Kasapulanan President in Western Mindanao Kasapulanan. He is also a Registered Psychosocial Speaker for Mental Health, and in this avenue, he helps people from the military sector, such as returnees, advocate for mental health awareness.

“Bisan diin kita makalab’ot, importante gid ya magbulig gihapon. Sa akon nga part, damo man temptations. Bilang isa ka Guidance Counsellor, wala gid ako naghalin sa church. Damo man opportunities to work abroad pero ginpili ko diri kay maka serve ako sa mga Filipino. Bisan diin, importante maglink man gihapon ang Central spirit,” Pastor Rey’s inspiring message to the Centralian community.

Pastor Rey finished his masteral degree at the Southern Mindanao College and will soon graduate his Doctor of Education degree in the same school.

CPU is a working student-friendly institution that serves as a bridge of hope for building dreams. When everything feels quite overwhelming, just remember that you are not alone. Just like Pastor Rey, you will realize that you have the power to achieve your goals amidst of setbacks life may bring.