Central Philippine University

By Karren Jay G. Asgar

Passi City Mayor Stephen A. Palmares during live interview of Centralian in Public Service.

Scientia et Fides – In the expanding realm of public service, where wholeheartedness to the common good of society is indubitably paramount, a Centralian alumnus shines in the “Sweet City in the Heart of Panay” as he serves as a beacon of hope, benevolence, and progress.

Embraced with a determined and steadfast commitment to the welfare of the community, Centralian Passi City Mayor Atty. Stephen A. Palmares, CPA, is an epitome of inspiration, a testament to the transformative power of the Central Spirit, and an embodiment of CPU’s core values. Throughout the years, Mayor Palmares has been navigating the hurdles and complexities of public service as a Centralian with boundless grace and determination, gaining the respect and admiration of his constituents.

Mayor Palmares is a graduate of Passi I Central School, Valedictorian-1993; Passi National High School, Valedictorian-1997; Central Philippine University graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Cum Laude-2001; Central Philippine University Juris Doctor graduate; Legal Officer of Passi in 2007, City Administrator from 2010 to January 2019, Focal Mayor for Migration and Development – League of Cities in the Philippines; Regional Chairman of the Boy Scout of the Philippines (BSP); Western Visayas Region Camp Chief Boy Scout of the Philippines (BSP)—18th National Scout Jamboree; and Mayor of Passi City from 2019 up to the present.

During a live interview, Mayor Palmares shared his life and aspirations when he was a Centralian. He has been a part of the Centralian community for more than a decade – both as an instructor and a student. His life was filled with enormous setbacks and undertakings, but it never hindered him from reaching his dream. Armed with persistent knowledge and a relentless pursuit of excellence, he overcame the challenges he went through.

He is a shining example of perseverance and resilience, and he stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a working student. He juggled the demands of being a law student with the responsibilities of his respective workplaces. He shared that he once worked as a bookkeeper, instructor, load retailer, and subletter. Despite the hurdles he faced, Mayor Palmares refused to let adversity diminish his tenacity to reach his dreams or dampen his ability to achieve his desires.

When Mayor Palmares was asked about the driving force behind his commitment to public service, he humbly attributed his success to the guiding principles instilled by the Central Philippine University. Emphasizing the value of empathy, persistence, and an unwavering commitment to betterment, Mayor Palmares urges Centralians who aspire to be future leaders to embrace and answer the call to serve with untiring commitment and dedication.

Upon reflecting on the remarkable journey of Passi City Mayor Stephen A. Palmares as a Centralian, we are reminded that greatness knows no boundaries and obstacles are merely phases on the path to greatness. May Mayor Palmares’ inspiring story serve as a source of inspiration for the Centralian students who continue to defy the odds and soar to new heights, showing that anything is possible with courage and determination.

You may watch the replay of the live interview with Passi City Mayor Stephen A. Palmares at: https://fb.watch/rWWpviwrIf/.