Central Philippine University

By Mikee Natinga Norico

Centralian nurse Mrs. Amabel De Leon shares her inspiring story during the CPU College of Nursing Pinning Ceremony.

Mrs. Amabel De Leon, a registered nurse, author, and company owner, recently shared a surprising story about her early days as a nursing student during the CPU College of Nursing Pinning Ceremony held last June 21, 2024.

De Leon, the ceremony’s guest speaker, revealed that she once aimed to fail her nursing exams. However, despite her efforts, she consistently placed among the top 100 students each year. This unexpected success, along with a growing fondness for the profession, eventually led her to embrace a career in nursing.

De Leon’s journey wasn’t without its hardships. Recalling her experience working as a nurse in the United States during a time when technology was less advanced, she described the challenges of carrying heavy medical reference books while needing to be resourceful and quick-thinking. Despite the difficulties, this experience instilled in her a deep sense of self-reliance and honed her nursing skills.

Her book, “Bloom on the Battlefield,” delves not only into her nursing career but also into the profound personal experiences that shaped her. De Leon describes it as “a book for everyone,” emphasizing its relevance beyond nurses and students. The book’s core message lies in De Leon’s journey of self-discovery and growth. She highlights the importance of faith, love, and self-awareness in becoming the best version of oneself.

De Leon’s success story extends beyond nursing. She is currently developing Ubora Health, a mobile application that aims to create a unified healthcare platform for both patients and medical professionals, promoting convenience and accessibility.

Mrs. De Leon’s story exemplifies the value of perseverance and embracing the unexpected turns life takes. It serves as a testament to how, even with initial struggles, dedication and self-belief can lead to great achievements.