Central Philippine University

By Karla Mae A. Macuha

CHM students as they make selections for their wager.

In addition to the electrifying triumph of the Centralian Fest AY 2023-2024, Central Philippine University (CPU) also played to the much-anticipated celebration of CPU LGU Day and Picnic, creating an atmosphere of boundless joy and camaraderie that resonated across the campus. Centralians of all ages and backgrounds came together to revel in the festivities, forming a vibrant tapestry of unity and celebration last April 22, 2024.

The CPU LGU Day, a cherished tradition that honors the enduring university local government unit, unfolded in a spectacle of community spirit and collaboration. From colorful parades displaying the rich cultural heritage of the region to engaging exhibitions highlighting the university’s commitment to local development initiatives, the day was a testament to the symbiotic relationship between CPU and the community it serves.

Medical Laboratory Sciences students exhibiting their dance talents during the campus picnic.

Following the exhilarating festivities of the LGU Day, Centralians eagerly embraced the opportunity to unwind and connect with friends in their respective colleges at the CPU Picnic. Spread across the sprawling grounds of the campus, the picnic offered a plethora of activities and attractions to suit every taste and interest. From catching activities each college prepared to the delectable food stalls offering an array of culinary delights, there was no shortage of entertainment to be found.

As the celebrations ended, Centralians departed with hearts full of gratitude and joy, grateful for the chance to come together in fellowship and celebration. With the echoes of laughter and camaraderie still lingering in the air, the spirit of unity and togetherness that permeated the day served as a poignant reminder of the enduring strength of the Centralian community.

As the festivities ended, cheers echoed throughout campus, embodying the pride and joy of every Centralian present.

As Centralians bask in the glory of victory, the spirit of unity and triumph resounds throughout the campus. With hearts bursting with pride, Centralians unite in jubilation, declaring, “To God be the highest glory!”