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(The following are essays of students that placed 1st to 3rd during the Essay Writing Contest during the Student Campus Organizations’ Evaluation and Exhibit at the Alumni Promenade Park, February 26-27, 2020.

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants was judged as the Most Outstanding Student Organization for SY 2019-2020.

 First PlaceJedro Vienne Deo E. Pagayonan, BSSE-1, Philippine Society of Software Engineers

The Central Philippine University is the birthplace of one of the largest libraries in Asia – Henry Luce III Library, the oldest student government body in the Philippines – CPU Republic, and the alma mater of some of the most successful people in the Philippines, including the revered Filipino anthropologist Dr. F. Landa Jocano. The Central Spirit penetrates through the hearts and minds of the Centralians by teaching them the Centralian values, and the University motto: Scientia et Fides – Science and Faith.

The Central Spirit is the soul of the university. It is the culmination of all the struggles of those before us. It is a bulletproof beacon that has survived the horrors of World War II, and will continue to live on as long as there are still Centralians. Through this invisible, empowering force, Central Philippine University grew and matured, giving birth to all the student organizations present today, that are siblings to one another. Like siblings, they compete, but constructively. The Central Spirit embodies the ideal Christian lifestyle. As the organizations adhere to this, they succeed in their endeavors. They cry in unison, “If God is with us, who can stand against us?” The student organizations are like parts of the human body, God’s masterpiece of creation. Each organization is a part of the whole. By working together, the University has achieved feats that cannot be achieved by a single organization by itself.

Central Philippine University, our home, our alma mater. As we reflect in the future, all the accomplishments we have achieved, we will remember this University. We will remember that our great University started out as a dream of fellow Christians before us. If a small group could create this thriving and globally competitive community, imagine what a group of organizations could build!

Second Place – Joshua Reuben Pineda Leonares, BS Accountancy-1, Work Student Organization

In this vast world that we have, it is inevitable for us to reach the point of our lives where we have to get out of our boxes and explore the possibilities bestowed upon us, and one of those is to socialize. We may find it intimidating but it is a primary need of a person to survive and be able to compete with the fast-pace society that is evident today. Creating your circle of friends is a difficult thing to endure, especially people coming from diverse beliefs, cultural contexts, and practices. This issue is recognized and one of the solutions is to invite people to join organizations.

Central Philippine University, being a renowned institution that welcomes various people all around the world to experience the standard of education and experience, allows the students to form legal organizations in accord to their field of interest whether the organization may focus on arts, journalisms that document on every plain sight or to those who seek shelter from their isolation. Organizations may be large or small in numbers but what is important is that they have organized themselves. And what is important is that there is no apparent difference from the other because all are built with one reigning factor, UNITY.

This event invites all organizations to immerse in one “bowl” to share their differences, explore what others’ unique approach, and to recognize how amazing it is to be part of an organization rather than staying in a comfort zone.

Each organization carries the spirit of a Centralian wherein one may work in absolute independence but the outcome becomes better when we work as one – no matter how difficult the task may be, and how each one has perceptions of their own.  A famous quote says, “A single spider might produce the weakest strings but a group will always suppress an enormous lion with coordination and connectivity.”

Third Place – Eleanel Ruthvirl L. Idemne, BSCE 2, Campus Crusade for Christ-CPU Chapter

From when the American missionaries first set foot on this lovely campus spot in Iloilo, it was the Central Spirit that kept this university’s fire burning. For more than a century CPU has endured the test of time. She has undergone blood and fire yet still survived and even thrived making the halls and walls of Central a breeding ground of excellence and competence.

CPU has been home to different student organizations which became her partner in nurturing, honing and empowering many generations. In this institution, students are taught and trained to be well-rounded. With different partners, this university is equipping her students not only to be academically at par but also spiritually mature through Christian Organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ, Every Nation Campus, The Navigators, Pastor’s Kids, and the Gospel Team. One’s love for the dramatic arts can also be developed with the help of organizations such as Teatro Sining At Iba Pa. Reform and Koalision can help channel an individual’s passion to serve fellow Centralians and the community. The Mountaineering Society enables students to enjoy nature as well as conquer the different mountain peaks across Panay. Life is also valued through the different trainings of the Philippine Red Cross. Though most students will eventually leave this campus, the Scientia et Fides, and all life hacks will be kept and brought wherever their destiny brings them.

The same Spirit which brought the Americans to Jaro is the same Spirit leading every Student Organization Onward as One in building up strong, excellent, competent and God-centered foundations for our society.

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