Central Philippine University

By Christine Joy Hole – Centralian Link Intern

Faizan Ahmed Qureshi and Keziah Yzzabelle Callao, representing CPU’s Junior High School department.

In celebration of rhythm and artistry, the Claravall-Gonzalez School of Classical Ballet hosted the spectacular “Dance Diverse” event at Vista Mall Iloilo on April 28, 2024, starting at 4:00 pm, in honor of International Dance Day. This esteemed gathering provided a platform for schools and universities across Iloilo City to showcase their talents and proficiency in diverse dance forms.

A highlight of the evening was the exceptional performance by Junior High School students from Central Philippine University, who recently clinched the prestigious bronze medal in Modern Standard Dance at this year’s PRISAA competition. Their captivating display at “Dance Diverse” served as a testament to the school’s enduring commitment to excellence in dance education.
Faizan Ahmed Qureshi and Keziah Yzzabelle Callao, representing CPU’s Junior High School department, mesmerized the audience with their graceful interpretations of classical ballet and modern standard dances. Their performances not only exhibited their individual talents but also underscored the exceptional standard of dance education imparted at Central Philippine University.

The event also featured special guests from other esteemed institutions in Iloilo City, including the University of San Agustin, Iloilo Science and Technology, and the Central Philippine University College of Nursing. Each institution presented its own unique style, showcasing the rich tapestry of dance forms and traditions prevalent in the region.

“Dance Diverse” transcended mere celebration; it served as a catalyst for fostering collaboration and camaraderie among dance enthusiasts in Iloilo City. The event was a poignant reminder of dance’s profound ability to bridge cultural divides and unite individuals through the universal language of movement and expression.