Central Philippine University

By Thresha Marie R. Gallos, Centralian Link Intern

With an impressive tally of 4,020 points, the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) soared to the summit at Central Philippine University, clinching the coveted title of Overall Champion for Centralian Fest.

In a dazzling display of talent and determination, the Phoenix Celestria spread its wings, gracing the heavens with its fiery presence. The battleground was the sky, where myth met reality in a gripping showdown of the ages.

As the final curtain falls, the Phoenix takes its last fiery breath, leaving behind a legacy of triumph that sets the College of Business and Accountancy ablaze with victory!

All hail the victors of Centralian Fest:

🏆 Overall Champion – College of Business and Accountancy
🥇 1st runner-up- College of Engineering
🥈 2nd runner-up – College of Nursing
🥉 3rd runner-up – College of Arts and Sciences
🥉 4th runner-up – Junior High School Department

Indeed, they have soared high and conquered the sky! Vamos CBA!

In the annals of greatness, the victories of PHOENIX CELESTRIA shine brightly:

🏆 Debate Competition- CHAMPION
🏆 Bible Quiz Bee – CHAMPION
🏆 English Feature Writing – CHAMPION
🏆 Binalaybay Competition – CHAMPION
🏆 Vocal Duet – CHAMPION
🏆 Vocal Solo – CHAMPION
🏆 Battle of the Bands- CHAMPION
🏆 Football Girls- CHAMPION
🏆 Badminton Men – CHAMPION
🏆 Chess Women – CHAMPION