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By Pearl Joy S. Madrid

CPU Kindergarten faculty and students during their UN Celebration.

The United Nations Day was observed on October 24, 2022. Participation of the youth was given impetus as it is one of the guiding principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The program was attended by the whole family of CPUK – teachers, staff, student interns, parents and guardians and our LITTLE CENTRALIANS!

Based on our theme, “Building Peace, One Little Centralian at a Time”, we have reminded our pupils of the following:
1. Peace comes from each of us.
2. The peace we have will show through our lives, and in the way we live each day.
3. Showing love and care for each other will help us avoid bad days!
4. Jesus is the source of our peace.

The program was opened with prayer by Ma’am Sunsen Casiple, the K-Mercy adviser, followed by the singing our the Pambansang Awit conducted by Ma’am Ma. Christine T. Getonzo, K-Gentleness and Kindness adviser, and we were all welcomed by the inspiring and wonderful words from our dear PTGAF President, Mrs. Janice Frange.

It was such and exciting sight – the children donning the costume of the different countries of the world. Ma’am Rhea E. Abalayan – adviser of the Pre-K Peace and Hope, lead us in our music and movement with the song “Hello to all the children of the world”.

The most exciting part of the program was when each pupil was spotlighted as they turned on their Zoom background while the host said trivias about the country they represented. They posed their costumes and the snacks that they prepared, also representative of the their chosen country! It was fashion show of the countries of the world – an amazing feat delivered by the pupils!

The program was capped by some announcements and closing remarks by Ma’am Praise E. Glory, acting principal, and was closed in prayer by Ma’am May M. Guillem, after the recitation of the CPU Core Values and the singing of the Alma Mater song.

May God bless the children and their families, as they continue to train to become advocates of peace, and beacons of Jesus’ light to the world. As Alexandra Eidens wrote, “It is not about smart children, it is about HAPPY CHILDREN who have confidence and courage to learn and pursue things dear to their heart.”


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