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by Mikee N. Norico, BA Comm-4, Centralian Link Intern

Alexander Ernest Apostol, a first-year Political Science and Public Administration student at Central Philippine University (CPU), bagged the Best Presenter award during the CAS Paindisanay: A Project Pitching Program held last January 21, 2024, via Zoom.

This impressive feat marks the second consecutive win for Apostol and his team from the Association of Political Science and Public Administration Students (APPS-CPU), showcasing their dedication and growth in project development.

The APPS-CPU team, led by Rainne Ellyxia Pineda, and comprising members Lorlen Dessa Cordova, Rochelle Gallega, Lenmarth Karen Ili, April Love Palmes, Maszhka Alexzandra Relator, and Myles Joseph Neri Simpas, played a pivotal role in securing this remarkable achievement.

In an exclusive interview, Apostol expressed disbelief and immense satisfaction upon hearing the announcement, attributing the success to the collective effort of the team.

Apostol’s winning project, “Proyekto Ugyon sa Pagtambong,” aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16, promoting peace, justice, and strong institutions. The project aims to encourage youth engagement in Iloilo City through a sustainable three-phase approach.

Apostol attributed the impactful presentation to a month-long preparation fueled by key memories, peer advice, a constant desire for growth, and the shared success with seniors, project beneficiaries, and the underrepresented.

“If you speak for something more than yourself, you will not just strive, you will thrive,” Apostol said, emphasizing the importance of purpose-driven initiatives.

He acknowledged APPS-CPU as the backbone of the project, praising their contribution in shaping its purpose and introducing diverse perspectives. Apostol encouraged aspiring leaders to embrace perseverance and learn from failures, stating, “Try and fail, try again and still fail, try again and it might still fail, and just be consistent to try even if it might fail.”

“Proyekto Ugyon sa Pagtambong’s” alignment with SDG 16 reflects a broader vision of fostering peace, justice, and strong institutions, with a positive impact on political and social literacy among the youth.

Apostol’s advice to future student leaders focused on staying true to core principles, reaching out to marginalized sectors, and empowering them by placing them at the forefront of progress.

“Stay true to your core and principle. As a student leader, we are not paid to serve our student body, it is our passion and vision to serve that ignites the fire within us,” Apostol emphasized.

As the grand prize winner, Apostol outlined plans for the project’s implementation, ensuring its sustainability and adaptability by the Sangguniang Kabataan and LGU of Concepcion.

He expressed his dedication to the project, stating, “Yesterday, I shared a post regarding this award and I wrote in the caption, “A championed purpose.” I have done my very best to bring the team to the Championship because I know the youth of Polopina, Concepcion needs this, they deserve this.”

Reflecting on the personal significance of the recognition, Apostol hopes it will inspire other students to realize their purpose and potential, considering it a valuable gift in their generation.

“For the student leaders who dream of empowering others, I want you to ask yourself this question, “To whom am I doing this for and how far am I willing to go?” With that, I hope that you will realize your purpose and potential – because that is a rare gift in our generation,” Apostol concluded.

Apostol’s victory and his team’s dedication to youth empowerment serve as an inspiration for aspiring student leaders in Iloilo City and beyond. His project, “Proyekto Ugyon sa Pagtambong,” holds the potential to make a lasting impact on the community, promoting peace, justice, and strong institutions through active youth engagement.


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