Central Philippine University

By Cyrus A. Natividad

The Petinglays (Larry seated 2nd from left and Annabel in front) , among Antique Centralian supporters of the ‘Caravan for a Cause’.

Antique Centralians are gearing up for a collective show of support for Dr. Ernest Howard B. Dagohoy on November 24th, marking the auspicious occasion of his Investiture as the 18th President of Central Philippine University.

The unified caravan, representing the unwavering backing of Antiqueños for Dr. Dagohoy, will kick off from the Antique Christian Center, San Jose, Antique at 9:00 AM, making its way to Central Philippine University. A brief program at the Alumni Promenade and Concert Park (APCP) is scheduled to commence at 11:30 AM.

Centralians and church members from Antique, numbering around 120 participants, will be warmly welcomed and acknowledged during the program at APCP. The event will witness the signing of a commitment to CPU by the Antiqueños, and prayers and benedictions will be offered for Dr. Dagohoy as he starts as President of CPU.

Rev. Dr. Ernest Howard Buenaventura Dagohoy, the 18th President of CPU, hails from San Jose, Antique. Having been educated at CPU from High School to College, he has served in various capacities within the University, including being a Chaplain. The support from his fellow Antique Centralians is a testament to the strong ties and shared commitment to the growth and success of Central Philippine University under his leadership.