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by Rusieljs G. Lunasco

4th year law students pose for a commemorative photo after their comprehensive exams.

On October 2020, the Supreme Court (SC) announced that it will conduct a series of activities to test the viability of the digitalized bar exams. The mock digitalized Bar Examination was held on January 21, 2021 in four venues: Baguio, Makati, Cebu, Davao.

The success of the mock exam led the SC to issue a resolution on February 28, 2021 approving a digitalized, localized, and proctored modality for the Bar Examinations which will be held over the four Sundays of November 2021.

It was through the initiative of its Dean, Atty. Aila Endonila that the CPU College of Law was able to conduct its first ever digital comprehensive examinations.

Centralian Link recently caught up with several 4th year law students who shared their experiences during the digital comprehensive examinations.

“Surprised and proud! I must say that I was surprised at how the comprehensive examinations went this year. I saw that the computers provided by CPU were actually new and I did not have any difficulty with the typing. I honestly thought that there would be some problems with the units because this would be the first time that we will be using computers for the exams. But CPU came prepared! The exams went smoothly. It was convenient and the proctors were also friendly. That is why I take great pride in my school’s initiative.”

-Marlon Balberona,

“As a student, I would say that the pandemic has suddenly and abruptly forced educational institutions to engage in such an extraordinary leap of digital transformation. Personally, I’ve had struggling episodes with regard to online classes. I am not very fond of online classes to the point that I noticed a drastic change in my study habits. However, being left with no other option but to integrate digital technology in every aspect of our lives, specifically during our last year in law school, I would say that we may be the exploratory batch for this kind of learning, but there’s no turning back. The Comprehensive Examination was a roller coaster not only of emotions but literally of books flipping all over. But we made it after a month-long exam. Science and faith, we made it CPU!”

-Chrizel Ann Borromeo

“I am very thankful that the College of Law opted for the Digital Comprehensive Exam. It is a great training ground for us to prepare for the Bar Exams, if we will pass the compre exam. This simply shows that CPU College of Law is really gearing up the 4th year students that when they graduate, they will be ready to face a bigger challenge, the Bar Exam. The month-long exam has been very challenging because of the rising Covid Cases. Many of us are hesitant with the new setup, but I commend the College of Law for making sure that the students are safe and they complied with all the necessary health protocols. We may have encountered a lot of challenges this school year, but, as one of our Professors said, with faith, grit and determination, nothing is impossible.”

“What I learned during the Compre Exam is that we just need to trust the process and just give your best shot. In God’s perfect time, we will get there. Just be patient.”

-Larry Pestano

“It was a test of one’s grit and character — not a walk in the park but more so of one’s determination to hold on to that dream of becoming a Centralian Lawyer.”

“Reviewing and preparing for this year’s first-ever digitized Comprehensive Examinations amidst the pandemic was never easy. However, the support coming from my family, classmates, faculty, and staff of the College of Law helped me finished the four (4) grueling Sundays.”

“Most of all, the strength and guidance from Almighty God made it possible to accomplish with high hopes of passing the examination.”

-Roland Alayon Cadiao III

“I was actually relieved when the college announced that this year’s comprehensive exams would shift from the traditional way of written exams to digital since I don’t need to worry about my handwriting. And for us also to adapt to the new normal and the incoming bar exams.”

“As a working law student, it was really a challenge for me on how to maximize every vacant time I have. I made compromises to my work schedules in order to cope with my readings and cover every part of the syllabus if possible. It was a month long of persistence and grit. I was very thankful for God’s sustenance and strength, same with the support given by my family and colleagues.”

“Despite these trying times, still I was blessed enough that I was able to take the comprehensive exams and I just want to extend my congratulations to the College of Law for pulling it off. Also to the council and the Order of Kalantiao for extending their support and help during the entire duration of the exams.”

-Riego Ferrer L. Garcia


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