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June 3 Classes start
June 12 Holiday Independence Day
July 15-19 Parents’ Observation Week
July 24-26 Physical Exams
August 7-9 1St Assessment
August 14-16 Christ Emphasis Days
August 17 PTAA  Acquaintance Party
August 26 Holiday National Heroes Day
September 7 1st Assessment Card Day
September 26-28 University/ Foundation Day
October 4 Teachers’ Day
October 9-11 2nd Assessment
October 25 United Nations’ Day
Oct.   –




Mid-Year Break
November 4 Classes resume
November 8 Thanksgiving celebration
November 9 2nd Assessment  Card Day
November 11-15 Parents’-Teacher Conference
November 28-29 1st Supplementary Learning Experience
November 30 Holiday Bonifacio Day
December 6 White Gift Service
December 13 Kinder Christmas Program
December 16-20 3rd Assessment
December 23 Start of Christmas Vacation
January 6 Classes resume
January 18 3rd Assessment Card Day
January 24 Kinder Family Day
January 25 Holiday Chinese New Year
February 5-9 CPU Global Reunion
February 11 Holiday Evelio Javier Day
February 19-21 Christ Emphasis Days
February 13-14 2nd  Supplementary Learning Experience
February 23 Kinder Dedication Sunday
February 25 EDSA Revolution Anniversary
March 4-6 4th Assessment
March 13 Moving –Up Day
March 18 Holiday Freedom Day
March 20 Graduating Pupils and Parents  Recognition Day
March 27 Graduation Day
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