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COMPLETE LISTING OF ACADEMIC PROGRAMS The SY the program was first offered Accreditation Status
(For accreditable programs only.)
Level Accrediting Agency
A.1  Undergraduate Programs
1)Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 1955 II Nov-23 PAASCU
2)Bachelor of Arts/ Liberal Arts 1947 IV Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
3) Bachelor of  Science in Biology 2007 IV Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
4)Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 1959 III Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
5) Bachelor of  Science in Psychology 2010 II Dec-24 ACSCU-ACI
6) Bachelor of  Science in Social Work 1971 II Dec-23 ACSCU-ACI
7) Bachelor of  Science in Accountancy 1992 IV Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
8) Bachelor of  Science in Accounting Technology 2010 II Dec-23 ACSCU-ACI
9) Bachelor of  Science in Business Administration 2006 IV Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
10)Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 1996 II Nov-24 PAASCU
11) Bachelor of Science in Information System 2007 II Nov-24 PAASCU
12) Bachelor of  Science in Information Technology 2004 II Nov-24 PAASCU
13)Bachelor of Elementary Education 1955 IV Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
14) Bachelor of Secondary Education 1947 IV Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
15) Bachelor  in Special Education 2008 I Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
16)Bachelor of Science in Chem. Eng’g. 1962 II Nov-22 PAASCU
17)Bachelor of Science in Civil  Eng’g. 1951 II Nov-21 PAASCU
18)Bachelor of Science in Electrical  Eng’g. 1962 II Nov-21 PAASCU
19)Bachelor of  Science in Electronics Engineering 1993 II May-17 PAASCU
20)Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 1961 II Nov-21 PAASCU
21)Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Mgt. 1999 II Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
22) Bachelor of Science in Tourism 1999 II Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
23) Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1951 II Nov-23 PAASCU
24) Bachelor of  Theology 1981 no level Sep-18 ATESEA
25) Kindergarten 1982 II Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
26) Elementary School 1981 III Apr-23 ACSCU-ACI
27) Junior High School 1979 III Jun-26 ACSCU-ACI
A.2  Graduate Programs
1) Master in Public Administration 1997 II Dec-26 ACSCU-ACI
2) Master in  Business Administration 1975 III Dec-26 ACSCU-ACI
3) Doctor of  Management 2002 II Dec-26 ACSCU-ACI
4) Master of Arts in Education 1953 III Dec-26 ACSCU-ACI
5) Doctor of  Education 1975 III Dec-26 ACSCU-ACI
6) Master of Arts in Nursing 1976 III Dec-22 ACSCU-ACI
7)  Master of  Divinity 1986 no level Dec-25 ATESEA
8)  Master of  Theology no level Dec-25 ATESEA
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