The following students are the newly qualified scholars/grantees for this SY 2019-2020 as chosen by the respective donors. You are required to attend the Scholarship Awarding and Recognition Program on August 5, 2019, 3:00P.M. at the Alumni Promenade Concert Park. Please visit the office of Student Development and Programs, 3rd Floor, Dr. Alfonso Uy Building for your inquiries.

The Pablo B. Imbang Memorial Scholarship – P 10,000.00 tuition discount per semester
1. Poliquit, Pel Mari R BS TM 1

The Dr. Marjorie Arandela-Caipang Memorial Scholarship – P4,500.00 tuition discount and P1,500.00 book allowance per semester
1. Caspe, Louvel Edson L B Th 1

The Dr. Iniego J. Delariman, Jr. Memorial Grant-In-Aid – P5,000.00 tuition discount/sem
1. Condes, Jennie Babe C BS Bio 2

BSCE ’86 Grant-In-Aid – P5,000.00 tuition discount/sem
1. Eduria, Maylen S BS CE 1

Evamer/Linell Garingalao Grant-In-Aid – P5,000.00 tuition discount/sem
1. Pamonag, Erkenn Jhed D BS N 2

Genaro and Evelina Bermejo Endowment Memorial Scholarship – P4,500.00 tuition discount/sem
1. Animas, Ruby T BE Ed 3

Freshmen Members of CPBC (Leila Walker Fund) – P4,000.00 tuition discount/sem
1. Bulanadi, Eric L BS Psych 1
2. Espinosa, Princess Sarah F BS Psych 1
3. Redi, Brendan Ismael A BS HM 1

CPU-Federation of Overseas Alumni Association – P3,000.00 cash allowance per semester
1. Raymundo, Jhona Mae J BS Accty 2
2. Sales, Regine B BS ChE 1

CPU Alumni Association of Southern California – P2,500.00 cash allowance per semester
1. Alajar, Glaizza E BS Accty 2
2. Cachero, Cristie Lyn G BSBA BM 2
3. Esloyo, Trexa Mae S BSBA FM 2
4. Espada, Janine G BS Accty 2
5. Hallara, Ryan H BS Accty 2
6. Mejares, Rolly G BE Ed 1
7. Sobremisana, Julian C BS N 2
8. Taglucop, Noeme T BE Ed Z 2

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