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This semester, CPU will use the HYBRID SCHEDULE in the conduct of online classes. In hybrid scheduling, the semester will be divided into 3 sub-terms of 6 weeks each (or the equivalent number of class days). This means that students’ subject load are also divided into 3. Each sub-term will be devoted to one third of the student’s load or subjects. Example: a student with 7 subjects will take those subjects on a 2-3-2 schedule. For the first sub-term, the student will focus on 2 subjects only, rather than 7 if classes were delivered traditionally. For the second sub-term, the student’s classes will be for his/her 3 other subjects, and the last sub-term will be devoted to the student’s remaining 2 subjects.

We are adopting this scheduling to ensure that the delivery of online classes will not be too heavy and stressful for our students and faculty members. This will also allow our students and faculty members more time to focus on the subjects for each sub-term.

Classes will be conducted regularly from Monday to Friday. NSTP/ROTC classes are still scheduled on Saturday. The Hybrid Schedule will be reflected in your SOS account at

Thank you very much and may God bless you.

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