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Effectivity: First Semester SY 2021-2022
(As per Resolution No. 10, CPUBT 8/05/21)

FOR ALL LEVELS (except Post Graduate, Law, Medicine)

When two or more students of the same parents are ENROLLED at the same time (except Post Graduate, Law, Medicine), a discount is allowed only on the tuition fees;
• First child – no discount
• Second child – 10% discount
• Third child – 30% discount
• Fourth & succeeding children – 50% discount each

Provided, that students enrolled in Post Graduate, Law, and Medicine be included in the counting of children for the family discount.

Ex. First Child – enrolled in Law (not entitled to family discount)
Second child – enrolled in Medicine (not entitled to family discount)
Third child – enrolled in College (entitled to30% family discount)
Fourth child – enrolled in high school (entitled to 50% family discount)
Succeeding children (entitled to 50% family discount)

Note: Adults students who have become independent because of marriage, do not qualify for this discount. Family discount does not apply to part-time students, work students, University-funded scholars, or to anyone receiving scholarship or free tuition aid from the University.

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