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CPU reaches the world's highest peak

First Pinoy Everest Team conquers Central

Central Philippine University has reached the peak of Mt. Everest. To the CPU community, that was what it felt like when the First Philippine Mt.Everest Expedition (FPMEE) team came to the University on June 16, 2006 . The Alumni Promenade and Concert Park of the University was filled with spectators during the FPMEE’s personal appearance.   Rev. Joniel Gico, CPU’s Vice president for Administration said, “They (FPMEE) are great models to the students - with their goals and eagerness to reach them. It is an honor for us to have them here.” The team members, who first stayed at the CPU Alumni Affairs Office, were greeted by eager students -most of whom were from the elementary school- withpapers and pens on their hands ready for autograph-signing even before theprogram started. The FPMEE also met CPU President Acanto in a courtesy call. The University faculty and staff participated in the lecture-forum at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. When asked if they have come to the “verge of giving up”, theFPMEE said that they had, but it was their determination to bring prestige to the country that helped them carry on. Before making the trek on Everest, the FPMEE had to climb several peaks for training — Mt. Muztagh Ata (on the border of China and Pakistan ), Mt. Aylmer in New Zealand and the Kiyonang Peak of India. Despite suffering from injuries like frost nip (somewhat like first degree burns) because of the -20 to -25° C weather, the team managed to accomplish their quest. The team currently includes Art Valdez, Butch Sebastian, Fred Jamili, Regie Pablo,Jong Narciso, Choi Aquino, Erwin Emata, Johnny Ano-nuevo, Leo Oracion,Larry Honoridez, Levi Nayangahan, Janet Belarmino, Ariel Ambayec, Noel Wenceslao, Karina Dayumdon, Dr. Teodoro Esguera and documenter John Tronco.  

DLMCH prof speaks in int'l Malay conference

Department of Languages, Mass Communication, and Humanities (under the College of Arts and Sciences) did the University proud when Asst. Prof. Leilani Fatimah Trompeta spoke at the 6th Malaysia International Conference on English Teaching on May 8-10, 2006 at the Hotel Equatorial in Melaka.   Featured as one of the sixteen engaging and brilliant Asian speakers whose craft and expertise could be classified as world-class, Asst. Prof. Trompeta tackled Literature in the Language Classroom. This is her second fellowship, following her exposure in China .

She took her MA in English Language Teaching at I.E.L.E. Assumption University , Bangkok , Thailand as a UBCHEA scholar.   The said conference with the theme “Achieving Tangible Standards: Benchmarks and Best Practices in English Language Teaching” invited papers on different aspects of English Language Teaching (ELT) such as Socio and Psycholinguistic Research and ELT, Language learning Policy, ELT Management, Curriculum and syllabus design, New Curriculums and Syllabuses, Language Assessment and Testing, Radio and Television in ELT, Newspapers in ELT, Computer Assisted Language Learning, English for Specific Purposes, Distance Learning in ELT, Professional and Teacher Development in ELT, Language Learning. Teaching Strategies/ Styles, ELT in Rural Settings, Innovative Ideas, Creative Methodologies in ELT, Materials Production, Selection, Adaptation and Evaluation, The Textbook in ELT, ELT Courseware, Literature in the Language Classroom, Class Readers, Extensive Reading, Research in ELT, and Motivating the Reluctant Language Learner.   Malaysia International Centre for English Language Teaching (MICELT) is a Centre of Excellence established within the Faculty of Education Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia . The Center is involved in training in ELT, Research and Development, ELT Resource Management, Recruitment, Publication, Conferences, and other related activities.  




Abaygar, Ana May
Abordo, P. Acanto
Ruth Acero
Michael Acilo
Arlene Adolfo
D. Alcolea
Y. Alemania
V. Ambraguil
A. Amen
S. Angeles
N. Arcenas
Rory Arconada
R. Areño, I. Balogo
R. Bañas
Medy Banlen
M. J. Basog
R. Bitalac
M. Bitolar
M. Boglosa
E. Buendicho
Hitsy Bullo
Cynthia Cabalfin
Remia Cajaban
V. Canonero
R. Canoso
Andrea Carnaje
Esther Catiempo
I. Celda
M.A. Chan
S. M. Chavez
Mary Jane Chow
Nelson Cimafranca Cipriano
Nestor Conserva
Naida Contodor
V. Cordero
CPUAA Northeast Chapter
CPU AA of BC Washington State
Chapter de la Cruz
F. de Leon
Nanette De Leon
Regina Deasis
M.R. del Rosario
A. Demetillo
Hellenor Dimasuay
M. Dominguez, E.
Dr. and Mrs. R. Argamaso
Ducasi, N. Erdao
S. Escarilla
S. Esimor
G. Estember
Teddy Felizario
M. Fernandez
R. Flores
Marites Fonte
Victor Ga
L. Gabawa
C. Gabito
Felisa Gaitano
Harriet Mae Galera
Mila Gallo
B. Garcia
Susan Gardose
Julie Genegaban
Josephine Gilo
M. Gimay
Janice Gokara
Z. Grabato
M. Guerra
Rebecca Hisuan
R. Hollingsworth
Richard Isturis
C. Jacintos
L. Jacosalem
Arceli Jancorda
S. Janeo
M. Janolina
H. Jaro
R. Javelona
Ma. Corazon Jinon
E. Kapo
Lea Lagarto
Dona Joy Lagon
Romelyn Laguna Lamera
H. Lamigo
J.M. Lauron
M. Lee
May Vail R. Londres
Perla Losh
Marie Luciano
Terry Maderal
Yvonne Manejar
A. Maquilla
R. Margate
F. Martizano
E. Matillano
Esperanza Melmida
M. Mill
Creek Baptist Church Mimic
Abdulla Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Peñacerrada
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo De Leon
Mr. and Mrs. Andresito Jarantilla
Nievares, Baltazar Nobleza
Elmo Nobleza, Rosie Ocana,
Norman Olandres
Perfecto Padillo
Anabelle Pagunsan
V.G.L Palec
M. F. Palomar
L. Pandangani
Alice Parrenas
Benjamin Pelorina
Melanie Peñaflor
V. Piolo
H. Pison
Fe Mercedes Plagata
Rutchell Plameras
Armel Jo Pormillos
S. Presisto
Anselmo Prodigo
Nenita Punzalan
Wilma Reglaa
Mercedes Rodrigo
E. Rodrigo
Ernesto Roxas
W. Sabidalas
C. Sales
M.V. Salvante
A. Solanib
B. Solinap
Gabriel Somosa
E. Sumagio
J.A. Sumagio
Judgie Tahumar
N. Talabanga
Virgie Tambanillo
J. Tanate Tiamsing
G. Toleno
A. Tolentino
J. Tomo
Maria Umadhay
Jose Uy
Dr. Alfonso Uy
Ignacio Vallejera
I. Vilchez
A. Vingno
A. Waling Waling Zaldivar
Rodney Zamora

This is just a partial list of donors for the Work Study/God’s Grace Program of the University and there are many who remain anonymous. To all who have contributed to this worthy cause, thank you very much. If you know someone who has donated but whose name is not included in the list, please let us know. Your generosity is always welcome.   You can contact (063-33) 3291971 local 2108 and look for Mrs. Rose Madero


To our beloved Centralians in the US : It is with deep regrets that we cancelled our trip to the US because Ruth’s condition, particularly her blood pressure, is still unstable even as of writing time.   I appreciate very much all the preparations that you made. Thank you for giving extra effort in preparing for what could have been an excellent visit and fellowship.   God willing, we might push through with our trip in September or October. That would be an opportunity to present more appreciation plaques to our top donors.   As the school population grows, in terms of both students and employees, the enhancement of the spiritual life of Centralians and Christian influence of the University in the community is one of the challenges we are facing. I am glad that Centralians of near and far are taking part through their prayers and support to upkeep what the Great Central has started and lived up to.  

Please continue to pray for Ruth and for wisdom and strength. Thank you and best regards to everyone.



CPU President 


'D 19th Hole Scoop'
By Isagani “Boy” Jalbuena

The CPU Alumni Golfers Association, Inc. has changed “guards” for year 2006. The Following are the new set of officers:

Mr. Edgar G. Jarantilla ( B.S. Agriculture Class 1966 )

Engr. Pedro D. Siason ( B.S. Civil Engineering Class 1972 )
Vice President

Engr. Isagani J. Jalbuena ( H. S. Class 1966 )

Mr. Samuel C. Hortelano ( H.S. Class 1962 )

Mr. Francis U. Griño ( B.S. Commerce Class 1969 )

Dr. Glenn A.M. Catedral ( B.S. Pre- Med 1965 )

We would like to announce that the 5th CPU Alumni Open Invitational Golf Tournament at the 8th All Alumni Golf Tournament will be held on September 1, 2 and 3, 2006 at the Iloilo Golf and Country Club, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo . Awards will be on September 3, 2006 lunchtime at the Club House. For details and registration, please contact Novy Lagradilla at the CPU Alumni Affairs Office, (033) 329-2904 or call Boy Jalbuena, 0918-991-0655.



Centralians have always been known to excel in their fields of expertise. On May 21, 2006 , a Centralian lady-U.S. army graduated summa cum laude in B.S. Nursing from the University of Texas-School of Nursing.   Donna Fernandez (Elementary 1979 and High School 1983)marched up the stage with “pleasure and honor” to be the representative of the graduating class of 2006.
It took 20 years before Fernandez got into the Nursing field. She dropped out from college in 1986 to join the U.S. Army. “The military provided me with purpose, direction, and a sense of incredible pride,” she said in her graduation speech.   Despite the challenges of divorce and cancer, Fernandez was able to finish her degree. “I always knew I wanted to finish a degree but life got in the way... However, each class I completed gave me more and more momentum.

So, to those of you who keep telling yourself: ‘One day, I’ll go back to school’, stop telling yourself that and just do it! One class at a time is what it takes. I’m telling you, it can be done!” Fernandez spent 14 years on active duty and has been a U.S. army reserve for 6 years. She thanked her fellow soldiers who answered the call of duty in her stead, which allowed her to finish her degree. In the last part of her graduation speech, Fernandez said, “(To the Nursing/Generic students) Be compassionate. No institution in the world can teach you compassion. It is something you have to teach yourself through humility and benevolence... Be a mentor to the new nurses who will follow in your footsteps” and she never forgot her parents for always believing in her.  

CPU gym construction to resume

On July 7, 2006 , 9 A.M. , a consecration worship was held for the resumption of the construction of the Multi-purpose Covered Court. In attendance were members of the Construction Committee, the President and his VPs, the JITS Construction Corporation representatives, the University Chaplain, and some unit heads and other University constituents.       After the first contractor for the Covered Court proved unable to complete the project in time for the Centennial Celebrations in 2005, CPU conducted another bidding early this month. And this time, the JITS Construction Corporation emerged the winner among five companies who participated and was awarded the P10M project to bring to completion, the initial plan. In an interview with Mr. Edwin G. Baydo, JITS Operations Manager, the Contract is six months from July 1 to December 31, 2006 or earlier. He reported that around 60 people will work on the construction. According to him, the Gym should be completely usable by then as a venue for sports, with bleachers for the audience, and complete roofing for the basketball court.   JITS based in Quezon City , has a branch office at Leganes , Iloilo . Together with Mr. Baydo at the consecration program for the Gym, were Enjee Brian T. Jardeleza, CE, Asst. to the President and Engr. John Tan, their full-time Engineer. When asked if any of them happened to be alumni of the University, he said that the three of them were not but two of their branch personnel, namely their branch manager and accountant, are Centralians.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Fundaciòn Santiago and Filipinas Heritage Festival Inc. also supported the contest-exhibit

WWF-Philippines, RISE, CPU co-sponsor forum on energy efficiency In order to address the problem of high cost and inefficiency of power supply in Iloilo City and on the Island of Panay as well as the rising cost of fuel and increasing demand for electricity, the Worldwide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF), Responsible Ilonggos for Sustainable Energy (RISE), and the CPU Office on Environmental Concerns sponsored a one-day forum on “Transforming the Crisis into Energy-Efficiency Opportunities, “ May 16, 2006, at the Dr. Uy Student Union Conference Room.   Engineer Alexander Ablaza, Independent Consultant and International Expert on Energy Engineering and Environment (EEE) and Engr. Melvin Purzuelo of Green Forum Western Visayas were the resource speakers. CPU VP for Administration Rev. Joniel Howard Gico gave the welcome remarks and Engr. Aurora Alerta-Lim, Assistant to the President on Environmental Concerns, introduced the participants and the resource speakers. Administrative and technical representatives from business, industry, schools, government offices, and LGUs from Iloilo , Aklan, Capiz, Antique, as well as from the Environmental Legal Assistance Cebu, participated in the forum. The Panay Island Energy Situation was given by Engr. Purzuelo. Re-Integrating Demand Side Management (DSM) into Mainstream Energy Planning and Policies and Energy Efficiency and DSM Opportunities in the Panay Grid were presented by Engr. Ablaza. Of added interest to the participants were the discussions on potential energy savings, peak demand reductions, greenhouse gas avoidance, and utility-led residential DSM Program. ESCO or Energy Efficiency and Energy Service Company Opportunities for commercial and industrial users were also fully discussed.         The forum focused on three major issues: The shortage of power supply in Iloilo City by three megawatts (3 MW), the rising cost of fuel, and greenhouse gas emission problems of additional power plants.   The following responses were proposed at the end of the forum: 1) actions and initiatives for energy efficiency and demand-side management; 2) efficient energy supply mix by reconnection to the geothermal energy of the Cebu-Negros-Panay Grid; 3)transparent and participatory power development planning, and; 4)shift from fat tubes with electromagnetic ballasts to slim tubes with electronic ballasts and from incandescent bulbs (IBs) to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in households, institutions, barangay streetlights, etc.      

Lucasan plays for CPU

Central Philippine University does not only develop its students, faculty, and staff in terms of academic excellence but also in the field of music and culture. Ems Lucasan, a neo-ethnic musician, composer, singer, and song writer came to CPU for a lecture-concert on July 7, 2006 . Sponsored by the Department of Music of the College of Theology and the Cultural Affairs Office, the said lecture-concert entitled “Tulalay sang Panahon”, was held at the University Church . Emmanuel “ Ems ” Lucasan has been conducting lecture-concerts and seminars in various schools in the country. He said that this is his means of taking part in the “task of achieving unity through the propagation of the original Filipino culture”. He added, “I’m going back to God through our culture, the Visayan culture - through ethnic music that we need to preserve”.   Born in Pontevedra, Negros Occidental, Lucasan finished his college education at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos with a degree in Commerce in 1976. Ems is also a gifted ethnic instruments maker. He has made about 30 models of bamboo flutes and guitars, including the pasgong, which means bamboo crab tap. With Lucasan were The Ugbos (Association of Visual and Musical Artists) namely: Marlon Sipe (lead guitarist), Bimbo Demerin (bass guitarist), Wewe Montesa (acoustic guitar), Jet Jallorina (percussionist), and Lucasan’s daughter Himaya (pasgong player).  

By Cyrus A. Natividad
Manager, CPU Press

Centralian Link with CPU Press Along with the new faces and developments for the school year CPU Press welcomes the entry of the Centralian Link among its regular publications in the University. If our alumni and friends have noticed the Link lately, all pictures on the publication are already in colors. That’s about the first edition of the Centralian Link – printed by CPU Press.

There are two things management and staff of CPU Press would like to be grateful about. One – that it has done its best and successful in implementing full color printing on a publication like the Centralian Link and others for the University, and two, that it is serving the purpose of a university press – a printing press that can be called its own by the CPU family, alumni, and friends.  

While it is capable and competitive in producing the Centralian Link, it is grateful for the patronage and support of the CPU alumni association. Sure thing, aside from having it done inside the University, printing of the Centralian Link has the avid contribution of the CPU Info Center , the Centralians in Mass Media (CMM), faculty and staff, and CPU Press.

On the other hand, CPU Press had long taken off from the old outdated lithograph and mimeograph to the modern offsets and quick printing machines respectively. It has added more feathers to its cap with its integration of   Datagraphics publishing (an upshot of Desktop publishing). It’s about greater computer generated outputs. It’s about the inevitable technological innovation that’s giving Centralian Link and other campus publications good prints. Our modern University press is growing and practically expanding. It has been proud serving the needs of CPU – students, departments, offices, and organizations. While it is expanding, other services are planned for the benefit of CPU, its allied corporations and alumni organizations.   Contact Details: (033) 3291971 loc 1010 E-mail: ppress@cpu.edu.ph.


Castillon is official spokesperson

Pastor Jonan Castillon, Executive Secretary, has been appointed as the Official Administration Spokesperson for all announcements.   As stipulated in the recently approved University Information Guidelines, he will be the source of information for all announcements/advisory through radio, TV, etc. from the CPU Administration, e.g., suspension or resumption ofclasses during inclement weather, flooding, and holidays.   In the same Guidelines, the Security Office will confirm announcements from him and write the same on a blackboard to be positioned each at the main gates forthe parents’/students’ immediate guidance.   However, during storm signals, CHED has ordered an automatic suspension of classes which may no longer need announcing over the radio or TV. During Storm Signal No.1, all classes will be suspended in the pre-school level; for Storm Signal No. 2, all classes shall be suspended at the pre-school, elementary, and secondary levels; and for Storm Signal No. 3, classes shall also be dismissed in the tertiary levels. Pastor Castillon is yet to set his own guidelines so as to render decisions on matters that concern floodings, and related matters proactive. You can contact him through 3291971 local 2100 or at admin@cpu.edu.ph.

Dr. Acanto honored

CPU President Dr. Juanito M. Acanto, who is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Educators, was elected Honorary Vice President of The Royal Institute of Public Administrators in June 2006.   Dr. Acanto was also elected Honorary Vice President of the Royal Institute of Lawyers. He will serve as Vice President of both institutions until December 2008. In addition to these, he is also the University of the Philippines Alumni Association - Iloilo Outstanding Alumni Professional Awardee in Education for 2006. Acanto urges scholars to think of those who will need their help in the future Central Philippine University recognized its scholars for the first semester 2006-2007 in an awarding ceremony held on July 10, 2006 , at the Alumni PromenadeConcert Park .   CPU President Dr. Juanito Acanto challenged the scholars, when they graduate, to remember those who helped them and alsothose who are still coming to the University who will also need their support later on.

To inspire the scholars more, President Acanto also reported that of the PhP50M Endowment Fund target, “we more than reached it, exceeding by PhP60M” including the amount raised during the term of Dr. Agustin Pulido. The CPU endowment fund has now reached PhP109M, the interest of which is used for scholarships and other projects and programs of the University.   Josie Jaranilla from the College of Medicine , gave the response on behalf of the scholars. She said that these scholarships are an inspiration for every scholar to “take an extra mile” and to strive harder in their studies. She said, “We can only repay your kindness and benevolence by our scholastic success, with the highest honors and respect for Christian values, which Central Philippine University stands for.”   There are 73 entering freshmen who are high school valedictorians who will enjoy full tuition scholarship and P3,000.00 book allowance; 49 entering freshmen who are high school salutatorians who will enjoy half tuition scholarship and P1,500.00 book allowance, and; 40 entering freshmen with honors who will enjoy 1/3 tuition scholarship. On the other hand, there are 23 elementary valedictorians and 7 elementary salutatorians who will likewise enjoy full and half tuition scholarship, respectively.   All in all, CPU has 2,480 scholars, including those under University and Academic Scholarships, Grants-in Aids, different CPU-recognized organizations scholarships, Work Study Program, Faculty and Staff Dependents, Private Agencies/Individual Scholarships, and others.  

CPU partners with NGO's for watershed protection

The University, through President Juanito M,. Acanto, entered into a Memorandum of Agreement for the project “Maasin Watershed Sustainable Agroforestry, “ May 11, 2006 , with the Katilingban sang Pumuluyo sa Watershed (KAPAWA) and Green Forum Western Visayas, Inc.  

This partnership aims to assist the upland barangays of the Maasin Watershed to effectively and efficiently manage the upland resources in consonance with the Community-Based Forestry Management Agreement (CBFMA) with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The project costs five hundred thousand pesos for a period of four (4) years covering 20 hectares of the Maasin Watershed. This University watershed project was approved by the CPU Board of Trustees during their April, 2006 meeting.   On April 10, 2006 La Filipina UyGongco, a family corporation of CPU Board of Trustees Chairman Dr . Alfonso A. Uy, also forged an agreement with the KAPAWA and Green Forum - Western Visayas for 100 hectares community-managed agro-forestry farms at the Maasin Watershed for a period of five (5) years. The project cost is PhP 2.5 Million.   Both agreements were made through the efforts of Engineer Aurora Alerta-Lim, CPU Assistant to the President on Environmental Concerns, as part of the University outreach work on environmental conservation.  


CPU staff learn effective records management at UP-SOLAIR

“When looking for your files, you need not look for them directly from the cabinet, which usually takes a longer time. Instead, use your box of cards/indices to locate them faster (not unlike the library card catalog),” such is only among the things learned by four staff from Central Philippine University in a Seminar-Workshop on “Effective Records Management” on June 29-30, 2006, UP-SOLAIR, Diliman, Quezon City.   Mrs. Elma Laureta, Secretary, Office of the Vice Pres. for Academic Affairs (VPAA); Mrs. Shirley Dario, Secretary, Human Resource Development Office (HRDO); Ms. Charissa June Deocampo, Secretary, Registrar’s Office; and Mrs. Felnor Giron-Importante, ISO Document Controller & Director, Publication & Information Center; were among the 121 participants from various industries, schools, and other public and private organizations all over the country, who attended the seminar. Center for Labor Education, Advocacy Research and Development, Inc. (CLEARED, Inc.) in cooperation with the University of the Philippines – School of Labor and Industrial Relations (UP-SOLAIR), Diliman, Quezon City , sponsored the intensive two-day activity with workshops.   Prof. Virgel C. Binghay, Ph.D., Seminar Coordinator and Associate Professor, UP SOLAIR conducted the preliminaries and introduced the topic “Records Management”; followed by Dr. Zenaida Bejasa, also from UP SOLAIR, who discussed “Records Appraisal and Disposal – Strategies and Tools” and “Records Creation and Control”.   The main resource speaker, however, was Prof. Salvacion M. Arlante, Director, University Library, University of the Philippines, who tackled the following topics: “Files Administration”, “Classification Systems and their Applications”, “Preparation of a File Guide/Manual”, “Index to Records”, “Vital Records Protection Program”, “Records Retention, Transfer, and Disposition”, and “Preservation/Conservation of Records”. The CPU seminar delegates committed to applying what they have learned, first in their respective offices and later, to echo their learnings to others on campus.

CPU CCS’ Montaño wins I-FIT logo contest

Central Philippine University participated in the 1st Information Technology Week Celebration on June 13 to 17, 2006 .   In the logo contest for I-FIT, Mr. Antonio “Jun” Montaño, Jr., a faculty member of the CPU College of Computer Studies, won in the logo-making contest.


  The activities for the whole week included lectures, forums and product launchings. Private agencies and government offices such as: Iloilo City Mayor’s Office, Department of Trade and Industry, universities, and colleges gave their support for the said event. It is foreseen that this yearly event will place Iloilo in the forefront in terms of its Information Technology and Communications development.   This celebration launched the formation of the Iloilo Foundation for Information Technology (I-FIT) a consortium of government agencies, industry and academic institutions which focuses on issues and developments pertaining to Information Technology and Communications.   Exhibits showcasing developments in IT, which were participated by schools and IT companies, were opened at SM City Iloilo for the whole week duration of the celebration.

Yap makes it to Top 10 in nat'l photo contest

Tara Katherine Yap (AB History - 2006), a former contributing writer and photographer for Central Echo, was named as one of the 10 finalists in a recent nationwide photography contest spearheaded by the Filipinas Heritage Library, a division of the Ayala Foundation. Dubbed as “ Noon at Ngayon”, the contest aimed “to heighten the appreciation of Philippine architecture by showcasing the visual transformations of architectural landmarks over time”.

  Along with the other top entries, Yap ’s photograph of the old city hall of Iloilo was exhibited at the Alcove Photo Gallery of the Filipinas Heritage Library
in Makati City on
May 9-31, 2006 .

CPU-APEC joins International Earth Day celebration

Central Philippine University (CPU) Assistant to the President on Environmental Concerns Engr. Aurora Alerta Lim was one of the guests at the launching of “Ecotourism” in Ajuy, Iloilo , during the celebration of the International Earth Day on April 22, 2006 .

The International Earth Day celebration in Camp Regulus Waterfalls Mountain Resort, Brgy. Progreso, Ajuy, Iloilo, featured the Mayor Jett Rojas Cup Extreme games 2006 with the following competitions: 1.8 km Mountain Bike Down Hill, Horse Racing, BMX Race Track, 7 km Trail Blaze Challenge or “Palumba dalagan sa bukid, busay, kag talon”, 3 x 300 meters One Sack Rice relay, “Bayong” Race, and “Bayo kag Disig” Contests.   The celebration was organized by CPU Alumnus Reggie Navarro, Jr. and the Navarro family in cooperation with Brgy. Progreso, Green Forum Western Visayas , and Ajuy Tourism Council.