The Purpose and Objectives of the School of Graduate Studies

In support of the general philosophy and purpose of the university, the School of Graduate Studies has two purposes:

1. To develop spiritual and moral values, maturity and leadership qualities in graduate students, in keeping with the university goals.

2. To contribute to the discovery, advancement and utilization of knowledge for personal and national development.

  In order to realize these goals, the School of Graduate Studies has the following objectives:

1. To develop and offer graduate programs in various areas of professional endeavor geared toward the development of the total person.

2. To engage in research activities in various fields, either as independent university activities or in cooperation with outside agencies.

3. To disseminate research information through its official publication, its speakers' bureau, or other available media.

4. To engage in non-formal/extension education, both on and off campus.

5. To enhance the leadership capabilities of professionals in the various areas served by its programs, and the skills they need for discrimination in their commitments, loyalties, and allegiances.



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