With advanced education clearly becoming a pervasive need of high performance in the workplace, the CPU School of Graduate Studies has been committed and prepared to respond to this need. The demand for more competent policy makers, managers, workers, and service providers in various fields, such as education business, health care, and governance, among others, compels every graduate school to provide the best quality of graduate education. With the attainment of Level 3 Accreditation Status of our MBA, MAN, MAED, and EDD programs and Level 2 accreditation status of our MPA program, all our current and prospective students can be assured of superior quality of education and service.

             Together with and through the concerted efforts of our competent faculty and staff, and with the full support of the University Administration, the Graduate School strives to produce graduates and professionals, who can contribute to the growth and development of our nation and the world. The students’ training in the Graduate School involves not only the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but also in the excitement of research which is required of every course, and the satisfaction that comes from applying knowledge learned from class interaction and field investigation. More importantly, beyond pure academic pursuits, the Graduate School also offers opportunities and challenges for Christian Growth and Service. This enables the Graduate School to fulfill its commitment to provide “Exemplary Christian Education for Life”.




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