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Student Activities

Office for Student Affairs

The Office for Student Affairs (OSA) plans, facilitates, coordinates, and implements programs for the students of the university. The varied programs include fellowships, orientations for college freshmen students, symposia and others.

Student Government (CPU-Republic)

The CPU Republic holds the distinction of being the oldest student government in the country. It was organized in 1906, one year after the founding of the school.

The CPUR serves as a training ground for students in the field of leadership and good citizenship. The government consists of three branches: executive, legislative, and the judiciary. Its elective officials are the following: president, vice-president, senators, representatives, governors, and vice-governors. The CPUR president sits on the Board of Trustees of the University as an ex-officio member.

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Student Publications

The Central Echo is the official student newspaper at CPU. It was begun during the early years of the Jaro Industrial School (now CPU). The Echo provides the medium for student writers. Many prominent writers and journalists in the country had their early training with the Echo.

Every college in the university has its own publication. The student publications provide the students with an avenue for expression through the power of the pen where they confront issues within their department, the university, and the community. Campus journalists bind themselves into a fellowship for camaraderie, mutual benefit and protection. Known as CPU Press Club, it is considered the first of its kind in Western Visayas. Some of the student writers are associate members of the Iloilo Press Club and the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.

The different student publications are: Layag (Kindergarten); Mini-Echo (Elementary); Central High Echo (High School); Ang Tuburan (Agriculture); AS Voice Prints (Arts and Sciences); The Educator (Education); CPU Engineer (Engineering); The Executive (Commerce); Shalom (Theology). The Department of Social Work publishes the Catalyzer. The Apprizer is published by the CPUR.

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Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to organize themselves to form a group that would enhance their desire for study. These organizations are categorized as: academic, fraternity/sorority, municipal/provincial/, religious, sports, culture and arts, and special organizations.

The Student Organization Committee (SOC) acts as the regulatory body for all student campus organizations. It approves the registration and supervises the activities of student campus organizations.

There is also a Foreign Students Organization. It assists the University to invite more foreign students to come and study at CPU.

Classification of Campus Organizations:

    Academic organization - an organization that seeks to assist the advancement as well as broaden the academic proficiency of its members, in the field of study they choose to pursue.

    Culture and arts organization - an organization established to assist and develop appreciation for culture, as well as foster artistic expression among its members and enhance appreciation for wholesome art.

    Sports organization - an organization that develops interest in sports, and assists the University to train sport enthusiasts to improve their skills.

    Religious campus organization - all religious organizations belonging to the evangelical faith that professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, acknowledge the Bible as the sole authority in matters of faith and conduct and live in accordance with the Christian principles.

    Special organization - an organization not included in the above classification that believes in the vision and mission statements of Central Philippine University, and whose practices conforms to the Philippine Constitution, orders of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and other laws issued by the duly constituted authorities.

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Cultural, Recreational and Social Opportunities

A varied program of cultural, recreational, and social activities and opportunities is offered, and every effort is made to create a wholesome environment conducive to the development of a well rounded personality.


Convocations are held regularly at Rose Memorial Auditorium for college and high school students. These convocations are designed to serve as a venue through which the University goals maybe achieved; to foster fellowship among students, faculty and staff; to expose student to invest their available time in their fields of interest; to help develop skills in social graces; and to provide opportunities for developing and sharing talents.

Outstanding local and national artists, leaders and distinguished guests coming to Iloilo City are invited to speak to convocations programs. College convocations are held at 4:00 P.M.-5:30 P.M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and high school convocations at 9:00 A.M. .10:00 A.M. Tuesday and Thursday.

There are several music and cultural groups on campus like the Bahandi Singers, CPU Band, University Church Choir, CPU Himig Chorale., Teatro, Sining, Atb., and Sari-Saot Dance Troupe. Membership in these organizations is determined by special aptitude, interest and spirit of cooperation. The CPU Band offers scholarships to qualified students.

These and other organizations offer rich opportunities for the development of talents, skills in different fields of interest.

The university has adequate playgrounds and facilities for those who are interested in sports and athletics.

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University Day and College Days

Every year CPU observes its University Day. The celebration includes presentation of cultural events, literary-musical contests and athletic competitions. The annual picnic and alumni homecoming held on U-Day promote fellowship among students, faculty, staff and alumni.

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