The university’s campaign for donations and relief good for victims of typhoon Yolanda is spearheaded by the University Outreach and the CPU Republic.
Donations in Kind:
1. University Outreach Center at ground floor of the Franklin Hall
2. CPU Scale Model gazebo
Cash Donations:
Bank of Philippine Island Main ( Solis St. Iloilo City)
(Swift Code – BOPIPHMM) ROUTING No. BRFTN 0800-400-80
PESO Savings Acct No. 9245-8137-48
DOLLAR Savings Acct No. 9244-000131
Let us keep praying for our brothers and sisters who were affected. Thank you and
God bless you.
  • Welcome to Central Philippine University!

    University Rules and Regulations

    The following are prohibited at Central Philippine University, and violators will be subjected to administrative sanction.

    1. Violation of any penal statute, or rules and regulations, or any valid order of a competent University Authority.

    2. Any conduct which threatens or endangers the health, and/or safety of any person within the University premises or which adversely affects the student.s acceptability as a member of the academic community such as:
    3. Carrying around or using explosive or deadly weapons such as guns or bladed weapons.
    4. Intimidating, by covert or over act, any student, faculty or staff member, or administrative personnel.
    5. Threatening, assaulting or insulting any student, faculty or staff member, or school authority.
    6. Defaming any student, faculty member, employee or school authority.
    7. Behaving abusively or discourteously towards any student, faculty member, employee or school authority.
    8. Causing outsiders to assault any bona fide member of the University family (whether student or employee) or to commit acts contrary to existing regulations.

    9. Hazing that is injurious to health or results to bodily harm.

    10. Forcefully or illegally occupying or using any University property whether field, park, building, lot or any other place.

    11. Destroying, defacing, or stealing any University property. Vandalism.

    12. Tampering with or forging school records, documents, transfer forms, CPU ID or using forged records or transfer credentials.

    13. Tampering with official notices, announcements, etc. posted on bulletin boards or displayed streamers.

    14. Fraudulent representation of the University such as:

    15. Representing the University or any of its faculties, schools, colleges, or departments without proper authorization or for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose.

    16. Using any identity symbols or identification cards of the University without proper authorization or for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose.

    17. Producing and/or distributing written, printed or mimeographed materials containing language that is defamatory, slanderous, libelous or subversive in nature.

    18. Engaging in immoral acts such as:                                            

    19. Being found in possession or caught viewing obscene or immoral literature or pornographic materials.

    20. Caught in any sexual act or conducting oneself lewdly.                                                                                        

    21. Cheating and committing plagiarism and other forms of dishonesty.                                                                                        

    22. Coming to school under the influence of liquor or any prohibited substance and/or bringing/consuming in the campus these substances.

    23. Smoking on campus.                                                                                        

    24. Not wearing CPU identification (ID) Card on campus.                                                                                        

    25. Disturbing or disrupting classes and programs, directly or indirectly by voice, or presence.                                                                                        

    26. Gambling or betting in any form.                                                                                        

    27. Violating traffic rules for motorists.                                                                                        

    28. Littering inside the campus.                                                                                        

    29. Use of cellphones inside the classrooms during classes and any assembly area during convocations/meetings.

    30. All other acts against any person, property of the government, specified in the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.