The university’s campaign for donations and relief good for victims of typhoon Yolanda is spearheaded by the University Outreach and the CPU Republic.
Donations in Kind:
1. University Outreach Center at ground floor of the Franklin Hall
2. CPU Scale Model gazebo
Cash Donations:
Bank of Philippine Island Main ( Solis St. Iloilo City)
(Swift Code – BOPIPHMM) ROUTING No. BRFTN 0800-400-80
PESO Savings Acct No. 9245-8137-48
DOLLAR Savings Acct No. 9244-000131
Let us keep praying for our brothers and sisters who were affected. Thank you and
God bless you.
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    Academic Programs


       (Accredited by ACSCU-AAI Level II)

    Complete Elementary Course

       (Accredited by ACSCU-AAI, Level II)

    Academic Secondary Course

       (EDPITAF-assisted; DOST/ESEP Division Leader School; accredited by ACSC-AAI, Level II)

    College of Theology

       (Accredited by ATESEA)

      ♦ Bachelor of Theology

    School of Graduate Studies

       (Accredited by ACSCU-AAI, Level III ) *

       (Accredited by ACSCU-AAI, Level II ) **

      ♦ Master of Arts in Education *

      ♦ Master of Arts in English

      ♦ Master in Business Administration *

      ♦ Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling

      ♦ Master of Arts in Nursing

      ♦ Master in Nursing *

      ♦ Master of Science in Social Work

      ♦ Master of Arts in Teaching Agriculture

      ♦ Master of Science in Agronomy

      ♦ Master of Divinity

      ♦ Master of Ministry

      ♦ Master in Engineering, major in Engineering Education

      ♦ Master of Engineering

      ♦ Master of Arts in Sociology

      ♦ Master in Agricultural Economics

      ♦ Master in Business Education

      ♦ Master in Public Administration **

      ♦ Master of Science in Computer Science

      ♦ Master in Computer Science

      ♦ Master in Library and Information Science

      ♦ Doctor of Education *

      ♦ Doctor of Management


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