The university’s campaign for donations and relief good for victims of typhoon Yolanda is spearheaded by the University Outreach and the CPU Republic.
Donations in Kind:
1. University Outreach Center at ground floor of the Franklin Hall
2. CPU Scale Model gazebo
Cash Donations:
Bank of Philippine Island Main ( Solis St. Iloilo City)
(Swift Code – BOPIPHMM) ROUTING No. BRFTN 0800-400-80
PESO Savings Acct No. 9245-8137-48
DOLLAR Savings Acct No. 9244-000131
Let us keep praying for our brothers and sisters who were affected. Thank you and
God bless you.
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    Student Services

    Hospital Benefits

    Iloilo Mission Hospital shall give the following services upon submission of proof that one is a bona fide CPU student for the period covered.Physical Examination: To be conducted at the hospital or at the university campus by licensed physicians exclusively of IMH provided, however, that any change of place does not prejudice the programs of both institutions. Routine stool, urine, and CBC examinations which the examining physicians deem necessary, is given a 10% discount. General eye examination can be availed but service of specialists is not included in this examination.As Dispensary Patients: For consultation and doctor’s service (hospital staff) and one chest X-ray, student is entitled to 10% discount. Drugs and supplies will be paid in full for the above examination by the student.As In-patient: Students will be given after Phil health (MEDICARE) privileges have been deducted, the following discounts; Accommodation- 10% Operating Room & Delivery Room Fees - 10%, Laboratory Fees - 10%, One Chest X-ray - 10%.Only those students of the University who have paid their hospital medical services fee shall be entitled to the above privileges.


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