The Plan of Management ( Functional Duty of Professors)

  • As Professors:
  • Inviting of Korean Students ( Soccer Playing Students).
  • Bringing the Applicant Students to CPU
  • Minimum of the number of 15 Students the First Year (2010).
  • Minimum of the number of 10 Students Yearly from the next year.
  • As Leaders:
  • The Sports Training Procedures for the Athletes of Athletes:
  • Selection and Administration of Athletes.
  • Nurturing and Management for Athletes
  • Upbringing of Elite Athletes
  • As Missionaries
  • Building (Establishing) a new church for the Korean Students of CPU in the Chapel of Theological College both for their salvation & for God’s glory.
  • The Rearing for the Dedicated Christians to Become:
  • Evangelical Missionaries (Chiefly laymen)
  • Gospel Singers
  • Choir member (Organizing with Athletes)






Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Transactural (BPET)