The Expected Effects

  • ( The Creation of the Fundamental Value of Sports & Evangelism)

    A. The Aspect of Evangelical Mission

    • The Planting of New Churches in the Actual Place (Philippines), especially planting a new church for the Korean students in CPU.
    • The Activities of Evangelical Field Mission Works through the soccer plays, and competetions.
    • Associating Semi Professional Teams in Philippines.
    • Helping the Athletes advance into New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, etc. as professional Athletes.

    B. The benefits of English Speaking Area

    • To adjust the life of Athletes in Philippines, and the Learning of English Language.
    • To help the Athletes to Advance into Foreign Markets of Soccer, Removing Language Barriers.
    • Rearing Referees (Judges) of International Soccer League
    • To help Athletes Attain the License of Physical Trainer, after Graduation.






Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Transactural (BPET)